Dear Mom

Well, it’s been a year since you have passed…  I’m sure you hanging with Oh Gawd(Jake and I still laugh at that by the way), and Mrs Simms.

There’s not a day that goes by without a thought or two..  Conversations with dad and Gertie, or a thought towards something funny that you did..  or a gift for Jake..

It was today that Jake played his first Atom AAA tournament, and you told him how proud you were..  and it was later that night you said good-bye..

I know you were always on my case about sending cards, and here I am writing a blog note over the internet.   I know you hated the internet, and especially video over the internet.  To much NCIS there Mom..  It’s all good.

Anyway, I’m sending this message to you to let you know we are doing OK..  Dad is not as mobile as he once was, but we had a great run to Mahone Bay today.  Dad does know the importance of this week, and he miss’s you as well.

Well, our Hockey Season start’s officially on Friday with our first game.  The tournament has been renamed to the Jordan Boyd Tournament, and we are very proud to be a part of it.   I will always think of you during this tournament..   But you know that.

BTW: Jake and I talked a lot about you in Bed tonight.

Anyway, early morning, so I will say good-bye..

Love you, and say hello to Mrs. Simms.


Happy Easter Mom–Thought of you a lot the last week!

Well, someone once said, when a family member dies, the year becomes a year of firsts. 

  • First Christmas without mom
  • First Easter without mom
  • etc, etc, etc.

Jake’s first ever Atom AAA hockey tournament, the Bedford Oktoberfest tournament started with Jake playing his 1st game against Halifax Hawks, and then Mom died that night.  (He won the game, BTW)

We didn’t tell Jake that morning, as was backing up Zach for the next game.  We wanted him to have another experience before we left for Newfoundland.

Appropriately so, we we left for Newfoundland the next day with me leaving earlier that day….

5 months to the Day almost, Jake’s playing in the Provincials, against the Bedford Blues.  It’s the Semi-finals, to get to the Championship game.   Jake played great.  2 – 2 in overtime, and Luke Baldwin skates down the left side to take a shot, and amazingly in went into the net.  I do think Mom pulled the goalies glove down a little, but that would be just weird right!


Later that day we won the finals, and now we are Provincial Champs..  It’s been quite a year, and I can’t tell you how proud I am of Jake.  He’s grown so much!  I haven’t been to a lot of his games this year, as I’ve been either with Dad, or away, but he’s been a true leader.  Maybe being Captain of his football team as helped here, I’m not sure..  All I know is that his Nanny would be very PROUD, and I’m sure she’s sending lots of love his way!

Highlight of the Tournament for Jake, was this SweetGlove he made during the tournament..  Mom would have had tears in her eyes..

Sweet Glove at the Provincials for Goob31

While visiting the Macdonald’s the other night, Ken handed me a Nice clip from the Chronicle Herald.  To get to the Tournament of Champions, we had to be beat East Hants.   It was 4 – 0 for Tasa, and jake earned another Donut!


Mom would have had this on the Fridge, and a copy in one of her Many Albums.. 

Here we are now, and it’s Easter.  It was a beautiful Day, the Springfree Trampoline is out, and lots of Kids sounds in the backyard..   Dad wandered out, and enjoyed the SUN, and listening to the kids playing in the backyard.  

And in case if anyone was wondering.  Jake is still the Backflip King!

5 Backflips for Goob31

Crazy, how your life changes in 6 months!


Dad sporting his new Easter Jacket..  Mom would say, Aub, don’t get that dirty! 

I was cleaning up dad’s files, and getting some things ready for the Tax season…  Came across this note from 1951.  With all Jake’s hockey, Dad keeps telling Jake, I played hockey for 40 years…  but this note is a good example of that I guess.


And it’s a good example of how MOM KEPT EVERYTHING!

We had a Great Easter Supper, and Gertie cooked an incredible Dinner..  It was nice, as it was just our small family..  Leftovers will be GREAT Today..

Happy Easter Mom, and we are doing our best down here, without you.  We never forget!

531 Main Street, House for Sale!

Well, on Christmas Eve, it seems our house is now up for sale..  Dad’s at peace with it, and feels relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about it, while living in Nova Scotia..

I’m truly saddened, but it’s the right thing to-do.  The house was built in 1952, when Mom was pregnant with Keith.   We spoke tonight with Keith over skype.  They built it as they could afford it.  It was a labor of love, and in speaking to Darryl Butt, or local realtor, he said it was VERY WELL BUILT.  Well done Dad!!

Christmas was Mom’s favorite time of the year, and I truly miss her right now..  Dad said today that he thought a lot about her today…

So, thought I would share some pics of the house, for those who’s interested.   Thanks darryl for sharing.

The House Exterior’s

extext2rear yard arearearrear2rear6

The House Inside…


Mom and Mrs. Simms spent many a morning drinking coffee, and enjoying there many discussions of people, politics, and religion in this kitchen. 

kit eating areakitchen

Dining Room

dininglr dr area

Living Room

lr 3lr


bath Missing the downstairs bathroom picture.


brbr2br3  If mom only knew I blogged this, she would be loosing her mind right now. Smile  Sorry Mom.. Smile

Rec Room Downstairs

Oh, the parties that were in this basement..  Mostly mom and dad’s. Smile

rec. 2rec.1


Darryl can be reached at:

Christmas at Camp Hill–Veteran’s Memorial

Well, I’m sitting here alongside of dad at Christmas eve.  He’s Sleeping peacefully now, but the last three days has been challenging..

He’s had some significant pain in his hip, and unfortunately we had to abort his trip home for Christmas. 

Hopefully with some luck, we will be able to get him home for Christmas day for a day pass.

On the 19th when Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty visited, he was able to walk with walker assistance to the Lounge, and back.  Really good, and one of his better days.  Now, the 24th, he can barely get to the bathroom and back to his bed.

There are good moments, and the pain medication sure does help.  I really wish I knew what was up..   He keeps saying, “I know there’s something wrong with my Right side, it’s burning inside..”

He really enjoys the conversations with Aunt Joan in Australia over skype.. 

I keep thinking of the Story..

“I’ll love your forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my father you will be!”

Merry Christmas Dad, I will always be here with you..

Merry Christmas Mom, I know you’re looking down upon us..

Merry Christmas to Gertie, and Jake, who have been exceptional in getting us ready for Christmas, and being strong for me.

Merry Christmas to my brother, who helped when help was needed.

Merry Christmas to Family and Friends, I know you’re thinking of us..

Merry Christmas to @Captial_health who didn’t charge us today for parking.  That was really nice..  I’m very thank-full for the care that you’re providing to my dad, but I think I’ve topped the $500.00 mark, and not sure what I’ve paid for television services @ 13 bucks a day..  Dad says there’s nothing on TV.. I laugh at him!!

IMGP8772  IMGP8775

MoBro….. Goob get’s a Stash, and the best part is, Gertie Hate’s IT!!!




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Kent Goobie

Rest in Peace Mom, you will be loved forever!!

As some of you know, Jake, and I had the most wonderful summer with Mom and Dad, back home in Bishop’s Falls this year..  I captured a lot of the memories here..  I told mom, I was blogging about her, and she would say, ohhhh gawwwdd..  This blog post is for you mom, showing some of the wonderful pictures ….

Oh Gawwwwwwwddddd from Nanny!



My mom, and her familiar perch at the Lunch table!!  I really wish I had the pic of Mom and June Simms here at the table..  I’m sure I will find it, and will post it!!

Also, mom tried to teach Jake French at this table, See BLOG POST BELOW!!



DSC03656   DSC03668  DSC03674 DSC03678

She couldn’t believe Jake was riding his dirtbike over this.. Smile


My favorite picture from 2011..


I thought about mom a lot last night, and I spoke to my very good friend Scott Simms..    I said to Scott, “Bud, what made me smile through the entire experience was the fact that Mom will be meeting up with June Simms shortly.”

And will they run the Heaven’s out of Coffee, and smuggling Smokes.  They will find a small kitchen table, and talk about the great times, and then find a Chevette somewhere, and GET LOST ON MAIN STREET!!!!

Love you MOM Forever!!

Say Hello to Mrs. Simms for me!!

Sep 18 – Titans Mites Football

Goaline Stance…

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