Jake and his first Snowboarding Lesson

Today, was an interesting day of reflection…  One of the things that I love to do, is watch jake take on a new challenge.   During the summer months, I love watching Jake at Skateparks, either on his Board, Scooter, or BMX bike.   He will watch the other kids, hang with them, and learn how they either attempt a trick, or complete it.

I’ve learned early, that you can’t rush him, as it just doesn’t work, he has to learn at his own speed.  But after a few minutes, sometimes 20…  He will then attempt, and normally complete the trick.  It’s absolutely wonderful to watch.

Today, at Martock, was another example of his learning, and taking on new challenges.  I just love watching it unfold, and it brought me back to the summer months, and his trick learning.

So, we finally broke down and bought him a Snowboard.  Something that he’s been asking for, for months/years!!!!!

We had Jake sized for a World Unlimited Snowboard, which co-incidentally is a skateboard brand, which made it all the better..


He was pretty proud to walk into Martock with his board, and get started.

I thought the best thing to do would be to get him a lesson, and there we met BOB…   A 50 year old Snowboard shredder.  If anyone decides to take up boarding, and is looking for lessons, FIND BOB.  he’s awesome..  Bob, gave jake the guidance required to snowboard properly.  Jake rides Goofy, and so does Bob.


Jake has always been gifted with Balance, and it wasn’t long before jake was getting some forward motion.  Bob had Jake moving properly, and it wasn’t long before we hit the towline to the Bunny Hill, and Freestyle park..  YES, I SAID, FREESTYLE PARK!


So, off we go the towline, and jake caught on really quickly.  Fell off the first time, but shortly after that he was heading up the line..  I think I counted 25+ times today.


IMG00074-20110130-1624  IMG00075-20110130-1624

We caught Martock at night, and unfortunately this picture doesn’t do it justice, as it’s Beautiful.


Some Video’s.

Heel Side Edge, and Flip