Hockey (Selects Cup), and Dirtbikes, what a Day!

The Nova Scotia Prospect win Gold at the Selects Cup, Congrats to the boys for a very well played game..  It’s off to Montreal to play in the Montreal Meltdown.


Some Pics from the Win!

Now, it was such a nice day, that Jake, and I got approval from Momma, and we got the Dirtbikes out.  Nothing better than some time on the bikes after a game of hockey.





What a WEEKEND!! Whew!!

Well, mommakintai was heading to the valley for a scrapbooking weekend with the girls, thus it was Jake, and I at home..  Ya man, Pizza, Steak, Root Beer, it had all the makings of a great weekend.

Jake, had hockey practice on Friday morning, and mom was shortly leaving after that…  But, Friday, I was still off, as I’m changing jobs, I decided to pickup Jake early from School, and hit the commons…  Oh ya, Epic Day at the Park once again.

DSC00990DSC00992DSC01007 It was a great impromptu session, where Jake spent most of his time 180’ing the middle bowl, and finding some interesting lines around that section.

Back home Jake, and I set everything up for Hockey in the morning, and some Dirtbiking with the usual gang of suspects.  Peter, Gregory, Lucas, Shane, and Josh.  Hockey in Chester started at 8:00, and then some dryland positional training ran until 10:00…  Then it was off to the pit.


Plans where set with Peter, that Saturday morning, after hockey, we would hit Exit 7, and some backroad, Pit areas for some great dirtbiking..

Jake was looking forward to guiding everyone into the pit area, as it was their first time to this special area.  He led everyone in perfectly, and told me to slow down.  Jake’s riding skills have sure improved over the last year, and I was extremely proud of him.  Not only is he a great rider, but he’s real good with his rider radar, and knowing what’s going on around him.  Now, I’m sure that may change, but for what right now, I’m extremely proud of my boy.  Personally I think it’s from the skatepark scene and keeping his head up there.

DSC01043DSC01065DSC01095This will be the last year on his DRZ-70, and I expect him to really enjoy a larger frame bike for sure.  He’s wants KTM, but will probably get a CRF-70.. or 80…

Peter and Lucas tear it up this trip, and where getting some incredible air.


Now let’s talk about the Dude Flying Very high on his CRF100…  I happened to get this picture perfectly, but it was a great crash.


Josh, and dad Shane where riding extremely well.  Josh hit a few jumps and it was awesome to see his progression..  Dad, well, let’s just say, he’s going to be very sore!


Even Gregory started to catch some air.


Well, after a GREAT steak at the covey’s and some socializing, Jake, and I retire home.  Sunday brings another opportunity to for some skatepark time again.

Jake had Daniels birthday party today, thus an early skatepark session was required.  Given the sun, and the closeness to SNOW, we try and get in as much as we can.

Today, at the skatepark, it was all about smoothness, Jake was really smooth today, his bowl 180’s were incredible, and his work in the big bowl was very cool as well.  Jake started working on his BMX skills doing some manuals, both nose and rear wheel, some transfers, and drop-ins.


Just then moved to the scooter.  He moved into the bowls, and really smoothed out his 180’s.


Jake moved into the big bowl, and is getting higher up on the wall.


His new trick is a lookback… DSC01125

New as well is a big jhop transfer.  DSC01151

Jake has been doing 180’’s, and 360’s on this scooter, but from time to time he will try on his bmx bike.  He started with some 90’s this morning, but decided his was going to try a 180 to roll-back.  This is what happened.  He continues to try.


Another Great Sunday!!

After a great Sunday Morning of Novice Advanced Hockey, it was time to hit the newly Found riding area just off Exit 7.

Map picture

Basically Exit 7, off the 103, and then follow the dirtroad represented by the thicker line…  That’s all I’m giving you, I probably should have grabbed a GPS coordinate… Next time for sure.. Smile

Jake, and I left Mommasita at home, to fend to her flu.  Hmm, we I’m sure will pay for it later on I’m sure… the goodnews is Grandma, showed up, and provided some homemade bread.  All is good in the world.

We loaded up the bikes, and off we went..

This place seems to be a training ground for budding young Motorcross’ers…

I just missed this shot, arg… But good enough.

After hitting a few jumps, these pics where for mama..

Sure was a great spot, and we had a ton of fun.

When it takes you 2 1/2 hours to clean up the bikes, boots, and other off-road riding accessories, well, that’s a good/Epic Day!

We arrived in Debert, shortly after 10:00..  That allowed us to unload the bikes, and start hitting the trails..  Debert = the most awesome place to ride.

Map picture

Really don’t want to give up our place, but here’s a quick aerial view..

For what ever reason, there was a lot of water, and mud..  Of course, that just made it so much more fun.  At one point, I was riding behind Josh, and his dad Shane… Josh had a little mis-hap in the big water.. Well, did dad run back to help out… NOOOO, it was Kent..  No problems shane,it was my pleasure, and BTW, my boots are still wet.. Smile

Alrighty, the riders, once again…

  1. Peter (I’m always the loudest on two wheels) Covey
  2. Lucas (Where’s my Helmet) Covey
  3. Gregory (I’ve only got 9 nails) Covey
  4. Shane (I’m going to hurt in the morning) Mckenna
  5. Joshua (I ride better in the afternoon) Mckenna
  6. Jake (The Person with the most MUD Wins) Goobie
  7. Kent (Camera Man) Goobie

It didn’t take us long to get dirty…  Directly across from our parking area, was a small oval, with some alternative routes.. Didn’t take long for us to get it going…

After a few quick laps, and trying to get warmed up… Peter led us to the Makeshift Motorcross track…  Peter, and Lucas where lamenting about this big new jump that was built with logs, etc..  So, off we went.

Debert is one of those places that it just brings out the best in you.  There’s all kinds of terrain, and lots of it.  Single Track, Motorcross Track, submarine diving water, and even some pavement.. Smile

So, we hit the Track, this is the 2nd time Jake has been there, and we start riding it hard.

Yes, it’s time for a new bike for jake.. Shh, don’t tell Gertie!!

Didn’t take us long, but the boys quickly found the first jump.

After finding some air here, it was decided to start working on a bigger jump…  Well, the boys started catching some bigger air.

Jake even got into the Groove..

As usual, we got the opportunity to visit the Debert runway.  It was great, as there was some tow plane, and gliding going on.


Tow plane landing

After Lunch, and another session on the track, we decided to find some single track, and go exploring..  Well, let’s just say, some of what we found, just was not nice!

And finally, for some Group shots..

And now for the EXCITING on the move shots, yes, he can operate a clutch, and take a picture all at the same time..  Yes, I have to get a GOPRO…  For my first shot, hold the camera over the head, and take a picture from behind you.


What’s interesting about this shot, is the fact that, Peter(Big Daddy), has a flock of little chick’s behind him..  Shane and I where laughing at this one.

I like this picture of Shane, and Josh..


And for a complete view of the album, or to download some medium resolution pictures, see below.

South Alton 2010-9-12 NSORRA site

Well, today we decided to take a run to South Alton to play around with on the trails at the NSORRA site…    Jake, and I awaited at the Tantallon Esso while some some friends showed up with their bikes, to get gassed up…


Yep, the bikes are clean now, but they won’t be in a couple of hours…  Jake and I typically ride with the Covey Clan, Peter, Gregory, and Lucas..  or better known as the Group HONDA…
80’s vintage XR600, 200x vintage CRF70, and CRF100.. 
We also have their neighbors joining us today, the Mckenna’s… Should be fun with 7 bikes today…
Again, more with the CRF’s, a 50, and 230….
The Mckenna’s are rolling in with this badboy..
Shane would suggest that this rig spends alot of time at the pumps.. Cry
Alright, fueled up, it’s time to fuel up the bodies..  Macdonald’s, ya, ok, maybe not the best fuel, and given the renovations at MikkyD’s, we are sure glad the Mckenna Mobile was with us.. Breakfast was sure good.

Alrighty, the GPS coordinates plugged in, time to head to South Alton..  We camp up at Yogi, and typically take 12 so, shouldn’t be too hard to find it…
Not sure why I’m putzing around with Facebook, but uploaded this while I was driving.. 
Alrighty, the GPS led us directly to the Orange KTM Tape, good sign.. Clap
Let’s unload, and get going.  We decided to park where we found what seemed to be a small parking area, and then ride into the area, and of course the gate. 

We had a mix of riders, and bikes really…  and unsure of what we would find, but we were looking forward to the ride..
Jake was sure looking forward to it, and to try out his new Pink Goggles.  It matches his shirt, and I personally think the cute girl at Pro Honda had Jake wrapped around her finger..
After the kids did about a doze laps just past the gate, we started studying the Map, and the board just inside the gate.  Great stuff, and we concentrated on the easy trails first, given the size and experience of some of the riders..
We found this little loop, and it began to be the start of a Super Fun Day… Jake loved the loops here..
The Mini-Jump…

The Retake:

Jake Loved this jump, and the boys started building it up a bit, Shhh, don’t tell mom… 
Alright, bathroom break..
Well, it’s time for the Group Picture….  It’s been a wonderful morning of riding.  We explored most of the trails, with everyone..  We didn’t get many pictures in the morning session, but after lunch, I captured more..
Hmm, common theme at lunch, where the heck did those shirts come from?
The afternoon riding, we spent exploring the easy, and expert trails..  TON OF FUN…  First casualty was the CRF70…  an unfortunate meeting with a Rock… 
Lucas (CRF100), and I (DRZ250) hit an expert trail, and found ourselves following the tape… :-)  Awesome, had a bunch of fun, zig zaging through the trails..
Jake getting ready for his next bike purchase, sneaks a run on Gregory’s CRF70, larger frame…  Given the jumps he’s doing, I’m thinking about better suspension. Shocked
There was a few area’s where the smaller bikes need some attention, but for the most part, the navigated their way around the area in fine fashion.
Great picture of Josh (CRF50) finding his way past one of the expert trails..  It’s amazing to watch the smaller kids duck under branches that typically give us larger folks trouble..
Guess what Jake found again…
Please don’t show this one to MOM…  Got a little quick before making a turn…
Alrighty, it was about this time, we decided, it’s time to go home..  Thanks NSORRA for a great area to challenge the kids technically, and have a whole bunch of fun…  They are all NSORRA trained, and it was great to see their smiles when they saw the sign..


Time to go home, clean up the chains, and bikes, let the boots dry, and start planning the next trip…

Jake, and Kent…