Vacation 2012, Day 6: Socks, we need more Sock!

I think both Jake, and I knew this was going to be a long day.  We actually didn’t speak about this, but I knew from this morning that Jake wanted to remember this day…

Nanny, and Poppy had hair appointments across the street, so off they went, as I was making Pancakes for Jake this morning.  Several times this morning Jake said, how great a time he has had, and he felt he completed a lot of work as well for Nan, and Pop’s..  And he did.

We connected with Gertie this morning, and had a wonderful call with her, as she was working and getting her replacement ready for the project that she’s currently working on.

Aright, in speaking to my Aunt Joan, who visited a few weeks back, she wanted me to get some Acrylic put on the driveway, and walkway..  Well, it’s kinda like putting Lipstick on a Pig..  The pavement is OLD OLD OLD..  and not in great shape, but MOM has given orders on how she wants the job completed.

Sweep, sweep, and sweep.. and then get the water on it…  Luckily she had two jugs of acrylic in the shed, that I’m guessing she got on sale somewhere…  Smile  You should see our basement, it’s a collection of things that have been bought on sale, from years gone by…  Don’t ask, but for those who know, they KNOW!!

Jake did great, and while they were getting their hair cuts, we completed the the sweeping, and cleaning.  Mom then showed up, and we applied the acrylic.

IMG-20120803-00385  Notice, the wood ramp..  Continue reading. Smile

So, what does one do, to reward themselves after a morning job complete.  Time to Ride!!  Jake, wanted to hit the trails across the river again, and then back to the Ice Cream Parlor, which is quickly becoming his favorite place to visit..

Jake’s favorite places to VISIT by the way include:

  1. Gentleman B’s, best collection of MX clothing
  2. Grants footware, and Source for Sports
  3. Ice Cream Parlor

Ok, I tried to capture a few jumps, but I’m back to the Blackberry camera, as there was just no easy way to carry the dSLR.. Sad smile


What I’m not able to capture, is where he lands, right in a PUDDLE..  And the Camera man get’s it. 

I used to work with a guy named Joe Kinch at Microsoft, and every so often we would step in each other’s office, and ask permission to Brag about our kid, well, this is one of those times, I ask your permission to brag a little about Jake.

I’ve always loved Motorcycles, and especially riding off road.  For Christmas one year, when jake was really really young, I gave, sorry (Santa) gave jake a Ducati Electric Monster replica bike.  Battery powered..  Well, it was shortly after that, that I knew, we were going to spend some time on the trail together.

Jake started with a Zeener 50, moved to a Suzuki Dr-70, a TTR-110, and now he’s currently riding a Klx-110l with a full clutch..

A number of years ago, both Jake, and I completed an Offroad Riders Association training, and it was the best thing we ever did together.. 

One of the core things we did, was learn to get our center of gravity high, and as I watched Jake today, tackle some incredible whoops, loose mud, Gravel, and other obstacles, he was throwing around this new bike like a Pro..  He was high on his pegs for a couple of EPIC rides today, and I couldn’t have been more proud of his abilities.  OK, end of Brag.  Sorry about that.

After another session this morning, it was Back to the ICE Cream Parlor… AGAIN!!



You can tell, he was Happy!!


After returning home, this new trail has required us to dry out our gear a lot..


Socks, we need more Sock!!




Nanny wanted to thank jake for all his help this past week, and she gave him a very nice card, with some money in it…

She also wanted to redeem herself in the French quiz from yesterday, notice the Avec amour.  Jake laughed, and shook his head.  Then gave her a big hug, along with Poppy.

So off we go to Grand Falls again….

Wait a minute, was this a secret way of Getting us back in Grand Falls.. DOH, I think I’ve  been played..

So, back to Gentleman B’s.. Jake’s always wanted some OSIRIS shoes, and as some of you know, he love’s the skatepark scene..   Sooo, hello OSIRIS, with the help of dad..


I’m guessing we are going to be visiting a skatepark soon.


So during the Olympics, jake has suggested that Poppy should par take in the Eating Olympics..  Smile  So, for our final evening Supper, off we go for Chinese Food..  Their Favorite.   We enjoyed supper at the Golden Phoenix in the Mall.  It was awesome, and Poppy didn’t disappoint.


On the way home, I pulled over to take a few pictures of these High-tech moose awareness devices.  Dad said, a lot of money has been spent on these things?  Do they work?


Back home, Jake, and I decided to have one last toot on the bikes, before cleaning them up, and getting them ready to go back tomorrow..

This time, we decided to check out Pine Camps, and followed the trail that Frank laid out for us..  Before that, had to take a few quick picks from the trestle.


So, as we make our way to Pine camps, I got distracted by this bus in a field…  and a railway car..


Shortly after this picture was taken, a gentleman drove up in a truck, and asked if we had ridden on our fields.  We said, “NO, of course”  to be quite honest, I couldn’t see any fields,IMG-20120803-00409 but he helped us find an alternative route, which was a marked Ski-doo trail.



towards the end of the trail, we found a Beaver damn, which was really cool.



Great trip, and we decided on the way back, to call up Nanny, and Poppy, to meet us at, yep, you guessed it, the Ice Cream Parlor.  Ok, I’ve got some extra weight on, and spending a week with your mother doesn’t help.  Thus, now I’m drinking Water!!! 

But, it was sure nice to see Charmaine Prowse in the line-up.  A Classmate, and she hasn’t changed much..  Really nice to speak with her, although, very short.  While visiting my Grandfathers grave, I thought a little about Jimmy(Smed) Osbourne, and it’s been far too long, and I believe we should get the class together again for a re-union..  Or at least provide a way for everyone to connect virtually, ala Facebook, or something similar.

Accident Report

Well, jake has been really enjoying the newfound Power of the KLX110L, doing wheelies, power turns, etc…  So, after finishing our driveway earlier this morning, Jake, and I put up a small bridge for the bikes to travel over.


Jake saw this, and wanted to Jump it…  Smile


Guess before we leave in the morning, we have a fence to fix.   Jake, and I laughed so hard!!

Well, its time to put a close on this Blog post, da’Bish I believe it’s called know, I’m happy to be putting in my car, something dad has carried in many of the cars that he has owned, his toolbag.  This went everywhere, and I guess, it will probably happen to me as well, especially with the bikes..


As I was putting Jake to be tonight, in my old Bedroom, I realized that this has been a special trip for Jake..  Not just Jake, but me as well.  Jake had a hard time settling in, and he said several times, that he has had so much fun on this Vacation.

Mom and Dad are getting older, and a lot of things we did, will probably assist as they make a decision on what they want to do with the home.

This was an EPIC trip, for many reasons, but we surely missed Gertie..  The only way this could have been better, if she had been with us.

We start our journey home tomorrow, and Jake has a Goalie Camp with Extreme Edge Goaltending next week, that he always looks forward to.  He has some new Reebok 11K Carey Price(Sorry Frank, he really loves Carey Price, but not the Canadians) replica sticks that has arrived at the house, and a new pair of Bauer Pro Skates that need to be baked and sharpened.  He’s really looking forward to that!

Codroy Valley, here we come tomorrow, AFTER the fence is fixed!


Vacation 2012, Day 6: I love my sock!!

Another EPIC Day on the bikes, and of course more work completed around the house…

KM count is now at 150km’s, I think a new record for our trips back home

Railway Spike count: 15, and yes another one found today

Other misc Railway stuff: 2

Jake, and I are doing a good job, cleaning up the trails from spikes.  I’m guess the Quad, and Side by Side folks will be happy with us, given they won’t be damaging their tires..

And I finally took out the big camera, I’ve been documenting this trip with my Blackberry..  Yep, it’s amazing how these Smartphones have Optics, and recording capabilities..  But, I went to the DSLR today, and will probably take the Flip Video camera out tomorrow..  Would love to take the Alpha out, but worried about getting it dirty/dusty/damaged..  More afraid of what Gertie would do to me. Smile


Jake is waiting for Mother to get the Paint ready for application. Smile

Morning activities including some painting today, and I have to say, Jake was up for the challenge..  He did a great job, of course with the guidance of Nanny, and we were Looking for Poppy, and the White Hat!!  As he was giving direction as well.


Funny, Poppy, never wore a WHITE hat during his career, but today, he earned it. Smile

Nanny, and Jake prepared the Paint…


I would never enter this shed, without the guidance of Nanny, I personally think the place is haunted, Ghosts of old Paint Cans, I’m not sure, but it scares the heck out of me.



Alright, our work completed for the morning, time to RIDE!!!!

Thanks to some excellent guidance by my good friend Frank Fancey.  BTW, I’ve been home twice, and he leaves town, but he’s always close on Facebook.  What’s Gives bud?

Anyway, he gave me some guidance on how to get to Pine Camps via the trails on the other side of the River.  To date, Jake, and I have continued to Norris Arm but, this was a little GEM of a route.   Our goal was to get to Pine Camps, but we had some much fun, just on the trail, and in a pit we found, we totally forgot about Pine Camps..    Maybe if the sun comes out tomorrow, we will go all the way!!

IMG-20120802-00375IMG-20120802-00376  We stopped for a quick rest, and to give Gertie a call.  We hadn’t spoken, or BBM’d with her all day, and thought it would be nice to chat.  Unfortunately she was busy at work today, and we didn’t get her.

A little Later today, we captured a couple of video’s that I put up on YouTube..

Getting Dirty, and the Whoops..
It actually flips back to the right position.. 🙂 After a few practice runs, he’s now gapping the top part of it..

Jake, found a few thing he wanted to take back to Nova Scotia with him, some old license plates, but more significantly is Poppy’s old Lunch Box that he used for Years with Abitibi Price.  Dad said, a gentleman made this for him.  It’s very AWESOME, and I’m glad he asked for it.

IMG-20120802-00377  Pretty Cool

So, we decided given what happened last night at the Ice Cream Parlor, that we would have dessert before Supper, Yep, back to the Parlor..  And of course ANOTHER trip to GRAND FALLS, but it was a great trip, as we were going to visit my Aunt Ruth… 

So we Wait, and we Wait, and we Wait..



And Jake wants to throw the football at me..  Actually a new little throwing practice today, as Jake’s trying out for Quarterback with the Timberlea Titans this year..  It was a good spiral.. Smile


While we are still waiting, we get a visit, from Clayton Forsey..  Member of the House of Assembly, and Great friend.  I really appreciate everything that he does for our Family.  Although Mom was taunting him with lemon pie today before we left.   She was bringing some to Aunt Ruth, and let’s just say, his mouth was watering.


I should take this moment to Torment my Cousin in London, Ontario, this picture is for you.


Sorry Scott

So, off we went, a quick trip to the Ice Cream Parlor, oh my..  And then to visit with Aunt Ruth..



Absolutely wonderful to see you today Aunt Ruth.


Ok, I Love my Socks….

My mother, who pretty much schooled Keith, and I, suggested she was a French language specialist to Jake.   Well, Jake has been in French Immersion since he started school..  So, they decided to have a French test in the back seat of the jeep on the way home.

Well, I almost drove off the road a few times, and Jake pretty much schooled her..

First Test from Nanny, what is, “I luvmysocks”

Jake says, “WHAT”

Nanny says, “I lovmysock”

Jake says, “nanny, you’re cracked, there is no such word, can you say it slower”

Turned out, she was trying to say, La Maison(La(ILuv)mysco(son) or something like that.

Well, it was about that time, I started to laugh hysterically, along with dad…

Next up was Jake…

Jake says, “La BiCyclette(Nanny says, can you spell it)

Jake says, “Bicycle”

Nanny says, “Can you spell it”

Jake says, “No it’s a bicycle”

Nanny says, “can you spell it”

Jake says, “Nanny, I quit”

en francais, est NOMORE!!

Vacation 2012, Day 5: Tale of the Pickle Poutine.. Loving Gibson’s

The Day was Proclaimed TO HOT TO WORK Day, by MOTHER.  Never piss-off your mother, so, OK then..

Jake, and I are going Golfing..  Well, we had to cook breakfast, and make sure they were cool for todays heat…  Last Year, Gertie, and I bought a Portable Air Conditioner, and BOY did it come in handy today for them.

So, for those who don’t know, both Gertie, and Jake, have Hole-in-one’s in the family.  Yep, that’s right, and I STILL DON’T want to Talk about it…

Jake, and I hit the golf course, and boy did we have fun.  Jake typically plays best ball with me, but he had a stellar day driving.  He thinks my Martini Tee’s work the best, and he was hitting them long today.


Now, although he loves to Golf, I personally think he loves to drive the Cart More!!



I’m not sure what he’s doing here, but I don’t think it was a number 1?


Some other Misc shots from the Golf course.


Now for those who don’t know, Jake has followed in my Hockey footsteps, and is a Goalie..  #Goober29 , and actually has the number that I wore playing hockey in Bishop’s Falls..  Minor hockey, and School Hockey..  Victor’s in the first Saunders Shield..  #JustSaying

Anyway, Jake’s Goalie Coach @ThaneHughes will love this new putting Style..  It’s called the Set Putt!!! Smile  Nice FORM!! and the Putt went in!


Ok, for those following this, Mom actually didn’t want to go to Grand Falls, but gave Jake, and I Extreme orders to go to Dollarama and pick up some DVD cases..  So we did, and as we were leaving, I went Whaatttt am I doing.  I can’t believe I just did that, OMG, I’m trained.

Ok, we are hot, and it’s time for a cool down. 

Last year, I brought jake up to Jumpers Brook, and he wanted to go back.   Not to self, have to find a way to Pine Camps, via the Dirtbikes.  There must be a way!!

Anyway, back to Jumpers Brooks, and yes we drove back their on the bikes.  Although, I can believe there was some CRV’s on the trail.  Really?????


Still a Great little swimming hole, all those years later..

While there on the bikes, we decided to check out the new ride of the P.I.MP.. What a GREAT Story.  Sorry.. Smile



Ok, back home, after the swim, and we actually did get some work completed for today.  A small clean-out of some downstairs area’s, and we were able to donate 7 bags of clothing…  And as well, I’m now the proud owner of some Tools, compliments of Abitibi, and some old License plates..  Will be great for the Motorcycle Work area, in the Garage. Smile

Now, my old friend Ronald Butt owns, and operates Gibson’s in Grand Falls.  I’ve been there twice, and both times, he’s not there.   I’m wondering does he actually work there.. 


Sorry Mom and Dad, I had to take this picture today.  I own a Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it’s not really a tall vehicle, but it’s just a laugh watching them get in and out.  Sorry, I know, they are in their 80’s, and I shouldn’t be doing this..  Jake just loves it.. Smile

Anyway, the FOOD was GREAT as usual, we just love Gibson’s, and the Turkey Soup Mom claims comes from a Joint Recipe between Ronald’s mom, and her.  Ya, Right mom.. Smile

But I do believe jake is on to something with this new creation.  The Pickle Poutine..

Ya, I’m a little disgusted MYSELF!!

Returning back to Bishop’s Falls, it was time to visit the Cemetery in Bishop’s, and Water the flowers of my Dad’s, Brother Everett’s, and their parents..

This was very important to Jake, because Dad’s father, was in World War 1, and was decorated..  Jake presented the Medals in a speech to his Class this year, and he was very proud to do so..


Again, another one of those proud moments, and I was getting a little emotional at this point..    I think dad was as well..

Sorry for the terrible Picture, but it read’s, “Clarence Goobie, Private, World War 1, Dates(Don’t remember(arg)), Lest We Forget.



We ended the night at the IceCream Parlor.  OMG, it was AWESOME…  Jake had Moon Mist, Mom, some peanut butter thing, and Dad, and I had a Frozen Yogurt mixed with Blueberry’s, and Stawberry’s….  It was Awesome day!!

Miss you Gertie, and it was great to talk to you through out the day, train that new guy up…

Vacation 2012, Day 4: Rusty Nails, and Thunder Valley

Ok, the day started a little later..  But, it was Big Breakfast Day, ya, that means Bacon, Beans, Eggs, Toast, and Cheese…  Hmmmm  it was good..  Poppy was especially happy.. 

We checked in with Mamma, to see how her day at work was going, and off we went to work.


A good start to the day, as we had some work on the fence to complete.  I just want to say, Mother was in charge of figuring out how many pickets we had to replace, well, let just say, we were short by 8… Just saying……. MOTHER

After we exhausted all the wood, it was time for a break, and Jake wanted to get dirty, and hit the trails again.  We ended up yesterday’s run’s at KM 61..


So, we hit the trails, and of course, Jake’s on a mission to clean the trails up of all railway spikes, and today, well, we hit a new record today..  6 New additions to the Railway spike can to bring home..   Jake actually had a School project that he did on the railway spikes we found from the previous year.


As you can see the Can is getting full!!

After returning, it was time, yes you guessed it, time to go back to Grand Falls!!!!!   and here we see Dad waiting in the car once again for Mom, who’s visiting Sobey’s, not sure she actually buys anything in there.


One of the special things we did today, was water the plants at my Nan and Pop’s Grave, Mom’s Mother and Father…  Although I’m not one to take pictures like this, I thought it was appropriate.    I know it meant a lot to Mom, and I could feel the specialness of the moment.


IMG-20120731-00332   IMG-20120731-00333


Although Jake, and I didn’t speak about it after, I knew it meant something special to him as well.

After that, we watered the flower at Susan Gosse’s site, Nan’s Mom..


After returning home with the additional wood, we completed our Fence Job…  Along with a Rusty Nail going into my foot..  Guess my Nike Flipflops are not a good deterrent to nails?  Who Knew?

Jake wanted to hit Jumpers brook road and have a Look at Thunder Valley Raceway for this evenings ride, and it was awesome.  Well, the normal pit we hit, was not in Great shape…..  But, we decided to send dad back with the Jeep, and Jake, and I would drive back..

Someday, we figure the gates to the Raceway would be open, as there is something of a MX track inside.. 

We crossed the road, and hit the trail back…   Yes, Jake found another Railway Spike!! Unbelievable.

We got these pics on the trestle tonight, it was absolutely Gorgeous… 



Another day in Paradise tomorrow!!

Vacation 2012, Day 3: Work, and Play Day, also BDAY… 45 and holding..

So, after 10 hours of driving, Sleep, sleep, sleep, and some more sleep..  But now, we are back in the saddle, and first official day..

Yes, and we are still missing, Gertie, but we call her, and BBM her, and she’s probably annoyed with us…  But that’s what we do.  Her end to the project is near, and we are thankful for that.

So, first order of business, of course after Breakfast is, some work around the house, to help out with Nanny, and Poppy.  After re-establishing some Wireless Connectivity, for the multitude of Electronics the Goobies travel with, we are good to start.  Goobnet is back in business.. Smile

Lawnmoving, it’s time to MOW…  and it’s at this point, my son’s business mind kicks in.  I CAN MAKE MONEY!!  So, I get him started, and he continues to MOW Nanny and Poppies lawn.  It was very nice to see… 

So, Jake got a new Ride before we left, and has been practicing hard with his Clutch work….  So, our first break included a 30km ride around Bishop’s Falls, and surrounding area.



Soo, for those of you who have watched and read our blog, you will have noticed that Jake has been returning parts of the Newfoundland railroad to a private collection in Newfoundland.  He he shows some railway spikes, and other misc. items.

Railway update, we are now up to 5 Spikes..  Gertie is not going to be happy that all of this will be returning home. Smile

Jake has been doing AWESOME, and really doing well with Changing gears, and finding the friction zone on his new bike.  I’m very proud of him, and his new ride is AWESOME.

So, for those who know Mom and Dad, there’s always a SIGN, and here it is, Happy Birthday Kent.


And for those who know, this is MOM in Pants, and hot a housecoat.  Thank god she won’t read this, or I will be in Trouble.


Well, in a time honored tradition, after the mornings activities, we know have to go to Grand Falls..  Yep, visit every store, and buy absolutely nothing…  But it’s there thing to do, and we honor it..

IMG-20120730-00312 IMG-20120730-00313

Subway, jake’s Favorite!!  He was happy there was one in Grand Falls.

After our trip to Gentleman B’s to buy a MX Jersey, and a trip to Islander RV, where we get some new MX Pants for Jake, wait a minute, it’s supposed to be my Birthday!!

To the Grocery Store, and we update the Food Supply…

We head back home..   We have to pick up some wood fence pickets, and replace quite a number that has seen better days around the property.


So, back to work we go..


And then, T-Bones, and Birthday cake..  Happy Birthday to me..  And Jake, and Gertie surprised me with Gifts from a Far… Thanks so much Gertie..

But spending time home with Mom, and Dad, and Jake, has been a great Gift.   Jake and I biked a total of 60km’s today, and that was awesome..   We got our first days work completed, and we are set for Day 2.


Jake and Poppy were jawing each other about who could finish there steak.

We then had a surprise visit by the Member of Parliament, and P.I.MP(there’s a Great Story(Sorry Jack)) Daddy Scott Simms.. Also, a visit from Jack.  Mom gave them their Xmas Gifts.  KID YOU NOT.

And I know have a Beer Stein from Harper Himself!!

Thanks Robe Man!!

Vacation Day 13: It’s the End of the Tour…

Well, it’s the end of the tour…  Well, not quite yet…, but we are getting close.  The Day started off once again with Jake, and Ronald, doing their thing..  Off wandering around, and most likely picking on each other in some way.


Supper consisted of some fresh Fish for Gertie, and Burger’s for Jake and I..  Did I ever mention that I’m one of those few Newfoundlanders who’s not that fond of Fish?  That being said, Jake, and I TRULY ENJOYED OUR BURGERS..  There’s something nice about grilling a burger that’s not LEAN, whatever… Smile

Just after that, we where visited by the local roaming family of Wild Turkeys.



Well, it’s the last real day of riding, and it poured the day before, so, it’s time to get Dirty.  We started with a morning ride around the island, and then back into a few woods roads..

The river..

As we drove back further onto the woods roads, we came upon a Quad.  Well, I’m not a fan of Quad’s, and I’m making sure Jake is not either..  I did allow him to sit on it.  But even with the key in it, it didn’t start.

The Little Quad

And oh boy, did the bikes get Dirty..

Dirty DRZ70Dirty DRZ250

As we get ready to depart the island, we will have to clean it for sure.  But, there’s time for another ride before that happens. Smile

The the evening, jake wanted to ride along the shore of the island, thus, that’s what we had to do.   We are going to clean the bikes directly after, so, I was good with that for sure.

With Ronald, Madonna, and Gertie on the Quad, and Jake, and I on the bikes, off we went..  For my uncle Bob, and Scott.  Please don’t look at the first couple of photo’s..


Once on the island, we take to the hills for some jumps, and Wheelies..

DSC00064     DSC00102

We take to the Shoreline for some fun, and fun it was.. 

DSC00081   DSC00083


For a full photo album.

And finally, the family shot, and Sunset.  Two pictures we always take on the last day.



Vacation Day Whatever: Riding and the Views are spectacular..

Back on the road again, we head from Bishop’s Falls, over to the Codroy Valley…  Truly a Spectacular place..  Have to give a big shout out to The Bike Carrier system has been terrific… Knock on wood..

Rear View Mirror

The first day Jake, and I hit the Gale family island… Just across from Ronald’s house..  Absolutely wonderful riding, and Jake of course found an area to Jump…

Island Picture

Jake and I hit the top of what we call Madonna’s Mountain.  The long range mountains are in the background, and really we are on the Anguille Mountain..  The road has deteriorated quite a bit, but Jake made it up the technical track quite well..  It’s amazing how much Jake has improved.

Top of Madonnas Mtn.

Jake, and I hit Raymond’s Pit today.  A number of Pits in the Valley that was an absolute Blast.  Jumps, soft sand, hill climbs, it was Heaven for dirtbiking..  Unbelievable.  The mountains are just incredible.

Raymonds Picture

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