Penguins/Habs Bound, the Last 48 Hours

So, before Christmas Gertie, and I decided to take Jake to his First NHL hockey game..  and it had to be Penguins vs Montreal…

Jake being a Goalie, it was important for him to See both Marc-Andre Fluery, and Carey Price.

Also, and more importantly, it was a Great Way to connect with friends that we made during the Brick tournament in Edmonton.  

So, let’s start their….

So, I decided to check-in early in Halifax on the 21st.  We knew the Canadians were playing the Penguins at home in Pittsburgh on the 22nd, and we had arranged a visit with our friends in Pittsburgh, a tour of the Consol Energy Centre, and of course the opportunity to see the Game Day Skates, and the Game itself of course.

So, off I go, and check-in on the web on the 21st..  Well, not a great start, as it suggested that I need to speak to someone immediately.  Because of the Storms hitting the Newark area, our flight was changed from the 21st, to the 23rd.  Great, a Day after the Game, and unfortunately landing after we were supposed to leave to fly home..  That just doesn’t work..

I start calling, pleading, trying to make alternative arrangements, but unfortunately, were not having anthing todo with that.  They did put us on the 5:30am heading to Toronto, and then to Pittsburgh, but knowing the snow was going to hit Halifax, I was starting to worry.  But we accepted the change, with the thought that the gods maybe on our side..   Gertie, came downstairs then to say, why didn’t you book through montreal with Expedia..   I said, “GOODPOINT”..  and back on the phone I go trying to re-arrange my accepted flight, to the Montreal/Toronto/Pittsburgh flight.  Well, let’s just say Expedia were not the friendliest to deal at this point.    I did try my best, and it was at this time, Jake leaned on me, and gave me a Big Hug.  He said, “Daddy, don’t worry, I know you’re trying your best, and I Love You!”  I had no words…  We shared a tear, and said, well, at least we tried.

Off we go to the Airport at 3:30am, knowing the SNOW was falling, but the good thing was, the Plane landed in Halifax the Night before.  Soooo, ALLL GOOD…


Excited to be on the Plane..    Flight took off, and away we go..  A quick email to Ryan Schade, David, and Amber, and we are a GO…
We Land in Toronto, and get through what I think is probably the BEST custom’s experience we have ever had.  Love the Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 adjustments.  
We get to our Gate!! Yahoo.   
And on the Plane!!  Pittsburgh he we come!!  
We get a note from our welcoming Party and off the Cambridge Suites, and Consol Energy Center we go..  
BTW: If you get a chance, the Cambridge Suites is a GREAT Hotel in Pittsburgh for attending games, and having an incredible Hockey Experience before each game.
So, we land, and now we are on the Tram between the Runways, and the Airport..  Excitement is building, and hoping we have enough time to see the Arena, and Players Skate…   Hoping for a quick turnaround to the 4 wheeled Vehicle to get downtown.
So, let’s Get ready.   Knowing we were going to the Pre-game skates, jake wanted to get ready.
We arrive, and check-in to the Cambria Suites, and then head to the Consol, which is 2 minutes away..
Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to See the Penguins skate, but as we arrive Ice-level Carey Price skates by Jake..   Jake is now wearing his Team Canada Jersey, and hat, with his Price Colored Reebok 18K Glove…   Price does a quick turn, and skates up to Jake..   Gertie, and I start to Smile, and Jake now is staring at Carey..
This is a Moment that Gertie, and I will never forget.  Carey gives Jake a Wink, and a Nod, and Jake gives him a Nod back, and with true Goalie Respect, Carey goes back to a very focused practice, and Jake acknowledged that he will not bother him.. 
Of Course, gertie and I didn’t catch anything of this on film, but to be honest, it wasn’t the time or place to take a picture.  We just watched two goalies communicating, and respecting each other.
Now, after this, Jake gets a tour and a visit in the Pens dressing room, hoping of course to see a goalie or two, or three with Volkun now skating during practice.
With Glove in hand, he heads into the dressing room, with David..  Gertie, and I, Not allowed..  Players only!!
But we get these photo’s emailed to us after from David.. ☺

2013 Pennsylvania Brick Tournament Photo’s and Thank-you Video..


Thank-you to GNC Live Well


03-421 BRICKlogo

Image (3)

Brick Practice and Misc

PA vs Vancouver Jr Canucks

Chicago Jr Blackhawks vs PA

Regina Jr Pats vs PA

PA vs Toronto Bulldogs

Detroit vs PA

Closing Ceremonies

2013 Brick Invitational Super Novice Tournament Links

DSC01356    Team Bench




Watch the Games live over the Internet


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Congrats to the Boys this weekend in PEI…

Well, lots of Gold for all the Prospect Teams this past weekend..  and the first official test of the CCM EFlex’s..  With a few modifications, we have tailored them to Jake’s Style..  Specifically, the knee pads..  Very Very Pleased right now!!



And very very cool to have the Newfoundland xTreme team playing at this weekend’s tournament. 

Pictures from this weekend can be found here..

Game 1, PEI Cup Pictures: NLExtreme
Game 2, PEI Cup Pictures: PEIExtreme:
Game 3, PEI Cup Pictures: NBStars:
Game 4, PEI Cup Pictures: PEIExtreme:
Game 5, PEI Cup Pictures: NLExtreme: Championship



Atom AAA Provincials–Misc Pics from the First Couple of Days.


Dig the Slippers


All pictures can be found here.

Atom AAA Team Celebration Dinner


Thanks to Captain Malcom, the team attended a dinner celebration after practice on Saturday…

It was a time to celebrate the team, and the great accomplishments from the season..

It sure was nice to have them all together.  Well done everyone, and thanks to the Captains family for hosting.  I’m thinking this is something that should be done by all Captains going forward. Smile



There are some GREAT pictures here..

On our way to the Provincials next week..  Good luck Team.. from your cheerleaders!!


Late but, Links and Pictures from the South Shore Tournament Win.

Congrats Boys





Links to the photo’s from the tournament

Misc Pictures:

Kent South:


Cape Breton West:

Halifax Semi-Final:

Bedford Final:


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