The Firsts of the Firsts Again!

Well, here we are again, starting off the first of the firsts…

I can’t remember who said this to me when Mom had passed, but it will be a year of firsts..   First Christmas, first Birthday, etc, etc….  And so True, it was a year of firsts…

Fast forward three years, and here we are again…  The First Christmas since my Dad has moved on to be with mom..

That’s assuming of course they both went to the same place, but I’m guessing they did… Up right! Smile

For the last couple of months I’ve been receiving reminders from Facebook, from their Memories App.  Good heavens, what a flow of emotions, and I wondered at first..  Is this a good thing?  Of course, YES IT IS..  It’s just a little tough at first, but it’s good.. 

Christmas Eve, was a little tough, but the GREAT news is, I have some GREAT family, and I was able to get through it, and a Wonderful Christmas morning.

And their was those Facebook Memories again, which brought a GREAT smile to my face thinking about my dad, and the day he got to spend with us three years ago..

I wonder should I document so much, be so social, post so much..  I guess some think I’m crazy, some think I’m nuts, but getting some friendly reminders, has been SO Wonderful.  Reminding me/us of the times that you spend with your wife/son/your father, your friends.

So, as we traverse through this First of the Firsts, every day makes it a little easier.. and with Gertie having so much Family, it allows me feel Family..  Feel Family sounds a little odd, but it’s not really.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year..


Dear Dad, I SEE YOU!

It’s been a month and a half, and now we are heading home, we will be their soon! 

I know our conversations over the last year, changed from talking about Newfoundland and Labrador and of course Jake, to just your normal day to day living, but I know you never forgot.


You left us Physically on the 15th, of July, but I know you will always be with us..

Mom left us October 7th, 2012, almost three years ago, and you came to Nova Scotia to Live with us…  It seems like 3 years are so long, but really, it wasn’t long enough, and although the last year seemed difficult, I would do it all over again.

#DimentiaSucks I get it, but when I looked into your eyes, I always felt we got each other.  So what odds, sometimes speaking was difficult, sometimes your actions were odd, but you were probably thinking the same thing about me…  But when we looked at each other, We got it!  I SEE YOU!


Ok, I know you’re hanging now with Mom, the Janes, and Goobie families.  I’m sure sharing stories, about how we dragged you to Football Games, Soccer games, Lacrosse Games, and of course your favorite Hockey!!!

And of course the HIP incident at the Dartmouth Stadium, the good news is we WON, but the bad news was, it was at the cost of a Broken Hip..  I don’t want to think about the bad though, but what you shared with me..  Your life, your love, and being the best Father, and Poppy in the world.



You tought me:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Volunteer
  • Honesty, to yourself and others
  • Finish what you Start
  • How to Snug a Fir coat between door of a car, so that if your wife has one to many at her brothers over christmas, she doesn’t fall on you during the drive home
  • How to insert yourself into a conversation that’s been taken over by Marge
  • How to remove a drill-bit after drilling it through your thumb, still have nightmares over that one.
  • How strong you were in dangerous situations, especially your Job.  I was constantly amazed at the Power you worked with, and controlled.
  • Why you named me after a Toronto Maple Leaf, and yes, there are three other Kent Douglas’s in Canada alone that are named after the same Toronto Maple Leaf, but never Disappointed in me or Jake when we cheered for the Montreal Canadians.
  • How to Drive, and find every Pothole in Bishop’s Falls, sorry about that!
  • Patience, although it eventually showed up later in life.
  • You taught me to never get mad, but to teach.  Ok, so I brought my dirt bike home in different states, including the bent Hub, and Ya, I know, a Rabbit didn’t run in front of me on the tracks..  Yes, we built a jump, and I landed on a Rock.  Thank-you for fixing that for me.
  • Although I’m not as talented as you when it comes to repair, you always gave me the tools to try.  We won’t talk about how you almost burnt my house down in St. John’s, after my Electrical Engineering Brother tried to-do it earlier that month.
  • How to Roll Cigarettes, and during the tough times, to Roll in such a way that a pack could last two weeks.    Mom’s lungs got a workout!  Ok, that just seems wrong..
  • How to Store food, ok, a three year old Lasagna in the freezer maybe a little much, but we were never without.
  • To work Hard
  • I’m not going to talk about what you taught me that Christmas, with my goalie skates!!  Let’s just say, I will always remember that lesson!
  • You Taught me to SEE and look beyond what’s in front of you..
  • Dad, I SEE YOU!


Jake will never forget everything you have done for him.  He has a special place for your Green Hat in his room.  He knows your with Mom/Nanny now, and he’s definitely OK with that.  Because of you, in your own special way, Jake has matured, and became a wonderful person.


Thank-you and I SEE YOU Poppy!


Ok, Dad, we will be home soon, and I’m honored that you spent your remaining years with us.  We had our moments, both GREAT, and just a little less than GREAT, and I know from the comments from the wonderful Nurses at Shannex, you left your charming mark on everyone you met in our lives, and the friends you made.


Please say hello to Mom, and please tell her that I love her, and miss her..  Give her a big squeeze from Jake.


We will chat soon, but until then, keep looking forward..  I will be OK, knowing what you and mom has done for me.



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Remembering My Aunt Betty


Recently I was given the honor of delivering my first Eulogy. I felt panic, honor, responsibility, but an opportunity to remember my Aunt Betty, and as well My Mom.


They were Sisters, and more importantly friends. Don’t get me wrong, like all families, there were sometimes challenges, but I do believe that brought them closer.

They are now resting comfortably, and very close to each other, and I’m guessing sitting around the table, sharing a Bottle of moose, and a drink or two, with my Uncle Charl, and Uncle Ray.. There’s a Big Janes Family re-union happening right now in Heaven, and I’m guessing they make get kicked out. Smile Probably not!!

For those who know me, you know I tried to make it as light, but respectful as possible.

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to be at the service, I thought I would post it online. I know my Mom, and My Aunt Betty HATED to be on the internet, so I do this, FOR THEM. Smile  Love you Mom, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Charl and Aunt Betty, and I had a Real Nice visit with you this morning.  BTW: Your Phone bills should be a lot cheaper now!

NL09day6 (23)

My Aunt Betty

Well, I’m a bit of Nerd, Geek, and When I was asked to deliver a Eulogy for My Aunt Betty, I had to Google it. After reading a number of entries, I quickly realized I had to go to my Uncle Bob. He’s given me a lot of advice over the years, and I had to go to him one more time. I quickly realized, that his advice was the most sage advice.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Kent Goobie, and I have the pleasure of having a great Aunt, and more importantly a second mom in my life.

A year ago I lost my mom, my aunt Betty’s Sister.. That was a tough time for me especially, but I couldn’t have got through it without her. I saw so much of my mom in my Aunt Betty. I remember a phone call with my Aunt Betty and Uncle Bob, saying, “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to need to call you from time to time, because I need to speak to Mom, and you make that happen for me”. Uncle Bob, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to need to speak to Aunt Betty from time to time, and you will make that happen for me, I hope you don’t mind.

Now let me tell you about my Aunt Betty. But first, I know she was loved by so many here, sooo, for heavens sake, she must have shared her HOMEMADE ROLL RECIPE WITH SOMEONE HERE? NO, I don’t need the recipe, I would gladly pay someone to ship a batch to Halifax at Christmas time… Just for the pleasure of texting a Picture to Scott, showing off those famous Rolls..

· I asked Uncle Bob if he could make them, he said, good heavens, No

· I asked Scott, he looked at me and laughed

· I said, what about Pat, then both Jeremy, and Ryan laughed?

NL09day6 (29)

MY AUNT Betty, Loved her Family.. The Pictures of Josh, Jeremy, and Ryan hung everywhere, and she even included pictures of my son Jake. She kept everything, including some written, and some scribbles from the boys.. Jeremy in his defence said last night, I WAS ONLY 4? I talked to MY Aunt Betty as often as I could on the phone, and she would always ask, Have you spoke to Scott on the phone lately. She would be upset, if I said I didn’t.. I secretly think she wanted Scott and I to have to the same wonderful relationship that Mom and My Aunt Betty shared.

Family extended way beyond the Traditional for My Aunt Betty. I know the Turner Family, Wayne, Michael, Meagan, Gaye, and others, I hope not to offend here today, but too numerous to mention.

  • The Explorers, and Camping groups that she visited, and shared stories and sung with.
  • Her Church Family
  • All she considered to be so close.

Now, My Aunt Betty loved School, and to Teach.. That’s GREAT… But if you’re an eight year old boy, who visiting a Detachment in Deer Lake, and just because your marks aren’t so great in English, that’s no reason to have him endure 4 Hooked on Phonic’s books, while your Cousin Scott is out on his Dirtbike. I’m still scarred from that one. Smile

Jeremy, Ryan, Scott, and I looked through a lot of My Aunt Betty’s photo’s, and I really think she could have been a Model.. Not only was she Beautiful, but she loved to POSE, and POSE, and POSE.. But she did it very well. For those of you who know my mom, I have no idea how they came from the same family. Mom was famous for her housecoats, and My Aunt Betty was famous for how well she dressed, and the clothes that she wore.

My Aunt Betty Loved to Dance, and when her and uncle bob got on that dance floor, oh boy, it was something to watch. If I was judging Dancing with the Stars, and they were on it, they would have got a 10 from me. Not that I watch Dancing with the Stars, Just Saying!!

My Aunt Betty loved her Gardens, and apparently one TREE in her backhard. We found a Picture of that ONE TREE, for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 on their computer. They either kept forgetting that they took that Picture, or SHE really loved that TREE!!.. I know she did Uncle Bob.

There is so much LOVE in this room, we all feel it, and I know my Aunt Betty Feels it… There is so much love between my Mom and her Sister, Although…. There ere times eh Scott!!

But they always found their way back to each other with one of her Patented BIG MY Aunt Betty HUGS.. I so loved those HUGS..

I will always remember the HUGS that my Aunt Betty gave me as we were leaving her house, they were BIG, and TIGHT…

Now, I know My Aunt Betty, My Uncle Charl, My Uncle Ray, and My Mom, are in heaven right now, sitting around a table, enjoying a bottle of moose, a dominion, and maybe a Drink… A Janes family re-union, and hoping not to get kicked out of heaven.

In closing, I would like everyone to do something for My Aunt Betty!

I would Like everyone to please Stand-up, and I would like you to HUG your loved one, like you’re Hugging My Aunt Betty, because I know, she will feel it..

Thank-you, and I love you My Aunt Betty