Jake, and Jake 2012, the Skatepark season begins

With the great weather we have been having lately, it’s fun for the boys to get to the skatepark once again.  Jake, and Jake have been doing this for 4 years, opening the season together..

And this year was no different.


Armed with BMX bikes, and some crazy MGP scooters, we had the opportunity to hit two skateparks, Chester, and the Halifax Commons.

Their skills has sure improved, and their tricks are getting crazier and crazier..

Tailwhips, heel-whips, 360’s, they are trying them all, and landing some of them.


Of course, I had to try my hand at HDR again.


The entire album is below, and suggest checking out some of the pictures, because there’s some epic failures there as well.


Little Ducklings…

Alrighty, the Covey boys got some new BIKES!!  Ya, Baby, and they are awesome..   Congrats Lucas, and Gregory…  So, come rain or shine, it’s off to the Fall River Dirt Pit!!. 

Ok, next time, I’m not going if it’s raining…  But it will definitely provide for some excellent experiences..  and I promise to call Alex next time.  Many Apologies.

IMG_3877 (2)

IMG_3878   IMG_3879IMG_3880IMG_3881IMG_3882


Crazy, but GREAT weekend at the skateparks.