531 Main Street, House for Sale!

Well, on Christmas Eve, it seems our house is now up for sale..  Dad’s at peace with it, and feels relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about it, while living in Nova Scotia..

I’m truly saddened, but it’s the right thing to-do.  The house was built in 1952, when Mom was pregnant with Keith.   We spoke tonight with Keith over skype.  They built it as they could afford it.  It was a labor of love, and in speaking to Darryl Butt, or local realtor, he said it was VERY WELL BUILT.  Well done Dad!!

Christmas was Mom’s favorite time of the year, and I truly miss her right now..  Dad said today that he thought a lot about her today…

So, thought I would share some pics of the house, for those who’s interested.   Thanks darryl for sharing.

The House Exterior’s

extext2rear yard arearearrear2rear6

The House Inside…


Mom and Mrs. Simms spent many a morning drinking coffee, and enjoying there many discussions of people, politics, and religion in this kitchen. 

kit eating areakitchen

Dining Room

dininglr dr area

Living Room

lr 3lr


bath Missing the downstairs bathroom picture.


brbr2br3  If mom only knew I blogged this, she would be loosing her mind right now. Smile  Sorry Mom.. Smile

Rec Room Downstairs

Oh, the parties that were in this basement..  Mostly mom and dad’s. Smile

rec. 2rec.1


Darryl can be reached at: darrylbutt@royallepage.ca


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