531 Main Street–Updated Summer Photo’s

Ok, the Summer was Mom’s favorite time of year, and the time of year that Dad hated the most…  It meant he had to work, work, and work more….  Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers..

Keith was able to provide some real nice pictures that he took while visiting.



Some Cool Goalie Gear for Sale

As #Goober31/Goober29 changes his gear around, we are putting some of his used gear up for sale..

Bauer One 100 2.5 Goalie Skates


Great shape


Reebok Jr-L 6k Chest Protector





Reebok Larceny L7 28+1 Jr Pads, Blocker and Glove



Pads has seen little use, but Blocker and Glove broken in nicely.


Brians Jr. H Series 27+1, H Series Glove, and M2 Series Blocker



The Leg channel is incredible, and great for the young goalie.


Still currently using, and new equipment is in the breaking in stage.


531 Main Street, House for Sale!

Well, on Christmas Eve, it seems our house is now up for sale..  Dad’s at peace with it, and feels relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about it, while living in Nova Scotia..

I’m truly saddened, but it’s the right thing to-do.  The house was built in 1952, when Mom was pregnant with Keith.   We spoke tonight with Keith over skype.  They built it as they could afford it.  It was a labor of love, and in speaking to Darryl Butt, or local realtor, he said it was VERY WELL BUILT.  Well done Dad!!

Christmas was Mom’s favorite time of the year, and I truly miss her right now..  Dad said today that he thought a lot about her today…

So, thought I would share some pics of the house, for those who’s interested.   Thanks darryl for sharing.

The House Exterior’s

extext2rear yard arearearrear2rear6

The House Inside…


Mom and Mrs. Simms spent many a morning drinking coffee, and enjoying there many discussions of people, politics, and religion in this kitchen. 

kit eating areakitchen

Dining Room

dininglr dr area

Living Room

lr 3lr


bath Missing the downstairs bathroom picture.


brbr2br3  If mom only knew I blogged this, she would be loosing her mind right now. Smile  Sorry Mom.. Smile

Rec Room Downstairs

Oh, the parties that were in this basement..  Mostly mom and dad’s. Smile

rec. 2rec.1


Darryl can be reached at: darrylbutt@royallepage.ca

Christmas at Camp Hill–Veteran’s Memorial

Well, I’m sitting here alongside of dad at Christmas eve.  He’s Sleeping peacefully now, but the last three days has been challenging..

He’s had some significant pain in his hip, and unfortunately we had to abort his trip home for Christmas. 

Hopefully with some luck, we will be able to get him home for Christmas day for a day pass.

On the 19th when Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty visited, he was able to walk with walker assistance to the Lounge, and back.  Really good, and one of his better days.  Now, the 24th, he can barely get to the bathroom and back to his bed.

There are good moments, and the pain medication sure does help.  I really wish I knew what was up..   He keeps saying, “I know there’s something wrong with my Right side, it’s burning inside..”

He really enjoys the conversations with Aunt Joan in Australia over skype.. 

I keep thinking of the Story..

“I’ll love your forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my father you will be!”

Merry Christmas Dad, I will always be here with you..

Merry Christmas Mom, I know you’re looking down upon us..

Merry Christmas to Gertie, and Jake, who have been exceptional in getting us ready for Christmas, and being strong for me.

Merry Christmas to my brother, who helped when help was needed.

Merry Christmas to Family and Friends, I know you’re thinking of us..

Merry Christmas to @Captial_health who didn’t charge us today for parking.  That was really nice..  I’m very thank-full for the care that you’re providing to my dad, but I think I’ve topped the $500.00 mark, and not sure what I’ve paid for television services @ 13 bucks a day..  Dad says there’s nothing on TV.. I laugh at him!!

IMGP8772  IMGP8775

Titans visit Tasa Hockey Game

Jake was watching one of  his best friends play, and look who showed up, and was with trophy..


Coach Danny came to watch Pierre Oliver-Couture play nets, and he had the trophy with him…  To give to the president, Francis..

What I didn’t realize was, along with Francis, and Jake being there, was one our backs, Connor Hughes..


The boys look pretty sharp standing along side of Coach Danny Oake..

Provincial Champion’s  Tier 1 Atom, and an undefeated season..  Wow!!