Vacation 2012, Day 7: Get some Action, and Die!

We new this Day was coming…  No pictures where taken, especially since we had a fence to repair..  Smile  Way to go Jake!!


What, who me!!

We got packed up, said our good-bye’s, and off we went..  Dirtbikes are attached to the Addabike carrier, and off we went.


For the last couple of years, on our way back, we have been visiting the Newfoundland Insectarium, and it’s a GREAT spot!!! 

IMG-20120804-00426 It’s always nice to visit, and leave all the bugs with them..

First order of business, jake’s wearing the loud yellow shirt..  Of course those who have visited the butterfly area know that BRIGHT colors are the best, either White, Yellow, etc



It wasn’t long, and here they come…




The butterfly pavilion is just way cool.. 

Off to the real ugly stuff next..  The Insectarium was called out by jake early in the trip, as a place to visit on our return.   He really took the time to take in everything that was on display, even a movie on Cicadas which is a real interesting bug that spends 17 years in the ground, emerges, crawls up a tree, and waits for the females to start clicking their shells.  Mates, and then Dies.. Just seems wrong man?

The Same thing with the Bee Colony’s..  Completely run by females, the Drones(Male), offer nothing, and are pretty much booted out, unless the female or queen is looking for some action.  They mate, and then he dies?  Geesh, Glad I’m not a Male Bug..  Wait a minute, this seems oddly familiar?

Jake loves handling the insects, and there were a couple of real knowledgeable MALE workers, I’m sure something will happen to them, but anyway, some great shots of some uglies.



The newest edition to the Insectarium was a Fat Tailed Scorpion.  Apparently VERY VERY VERY Deadly, and of course FEMALE..



Apparently not only does it sting with it’s tail, but it can shoot it’s venom.  One drop, will kill an adult very quickly.  A couple of ml’s will drop about 20 humans.

The gentleman moved some moss so that Jake could see him, not sure what they are paying him, but I’m guessing it’s not enough.

Say hello to a Whip Scorpion..  Ewll again!!


And now for the Tarantula’s…




Yes, I’m probably not going to sleep tonight, and if you read this tonight, you might not either..

Time to get back on the road..  Newfoundland is such a beautiful province to drive, and the scenery is spectacular.   Especially the west coast, and I’m sure Gertie would say, there’s nothing nice than the Codroy Valley. 


We arrive in Port Aux Basques, getting ready for a ferry ride in the morning..  Just outside our hotel window, we here some music playing..


She will be back shortly to pick us up..



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