Vacation 2012, Day 6: I love my sock!!

Another EPIC Day on the bikes, and of course more work completed around the house…

KM count is now at 150km’s, I think a new record for our trips back home

Railway Spike count: 15, and yes another one found today

Other misc Railway stuff: 2

Jake, and I are doing a good job, cleaning up the trails from spikes.  I’m guess the Quad, and Side by Side folks will be happy with us, given they won’t be damaging their tires..

And I finally took out the big camera, I’ve been documenting this trip with my Blackberry..  Yep, it’s amazing how these Smartphones have Optics, and recording capabilities..  But, I went to the DSLR today, and will probably take the Flip Video camera out tomorrow..  Would love to take the Alpha out, but worried about getting it dirty/dusty/damaged..  More afraid of what Gertie would do to me. Smile


Jake is waiting for Mother to get the Paint ready for application. Smile

Morning activities including some painting today, and I have to say, Jake was up for the challenge..  He did a great job, of course with the guidance of Nanny, and we were Looking for Poppy, and the White Hat!!  As he was giving direction as well.


Funny, Poppy, never wore a WHITE hat during his career, but today, he earned it. Smile

Nanny, and Jake prepared the Paint…


I would never enter this shed, without the guidance of Nanny, I personally think the place is haunted, Ghosts of old Paint Cans, I’m not sure, but it scares the heck out of me.



Alright, our work completed for the morning, time to RIDE!!!!

Thanks to some excellent guidance by my good friend Frank Fancey.  BTW, I’ve been home twice, and he leaves town, but he’s always close on Facebook.  What’s Gives bud?

Anyway, he gave me some guidance on how to get to Pine Camps via the trails on the other side of the River.  To date, Jake, and I have continued to Norris Arm but, this was a little GEM of a route.   Our goal was to get to Pine Camps, but we had some much fun, just on the trail, and in a pit we found, we totally forgot about Pine Camps..    Maybe if the sun comes out tomorrow, we will go all the way!!

IMG-20120802-00375IMG-20120802-00376  We stopped for a quick rest, and to give Gertie a call.  We hadn’t spoken, or BBM’d with her all day, and thought it would be nice to chat.  Unfortunately she was busy at work today, and we didn’t get her.

A little Later today, we captured a couple of video’s that I put up on YouTube..

Getting Dirty, and the Whoops..
It actually flips back to the right position.. 🙂 After a few practice runs, he’s now gapping the top part of it..

Jake, found a few thing he wanted to take back to Nova Scotia with him, some old license plates, but more significantly is Poppy’s old Lunch Box that he used for Years with Abitibi Price.  Dad said, a gentleman made this for him.  It’s very AWESOME, and I’m glad he asked for it.

IMG-20120802-00377  Pretty Cool

So, we decided given what happened last night at the Ice Cream Parlor, that we would have dessert before Supper, Yep, back to the Parlor..  And of course ANOTHER trip to GRAND FALLS, but it was a great trip, as we were going to visit my Aunt Ruth… 

So we Wait, and we Wait, and we Wait..



And Jake wants to throw the football at me..  Actually a new little throwing practice today, as Jake’s trying out for Quarterback with the Timberlea Titans this year..  It was a good spiral.. Smile


While we are still waiting, we get a visit, from Clayton Forsey..  Member of the House of Assembly, and Great friend.  I really appreciate everything that he does for our Family.  Although Mom was taunting him with lemon pie today before we left.   She was bringing some to Aunt Ruth, and let’s just say, his mouth was watering.


I should take this moment to Torment my Cousin in London, Ontario, this picture is for you.


Sorry Scott

So, off we went, a quick trip to the Ice Cream Parlor, oh my..  And then to visit with Aunt Ruth..



Absolutely wonderful to see you today Aunt Ruth.


Ok, I Love my Socks….

My mother, who pretty much schooled Keith, and I, suggested she was a French language specialist to Jake.   Well, Jake has been in French Immersion since he started school..  So, they decided to have a French test in the back seat of the jeep on the way home.

Well, I almost drove off the road a few times, and Jake pretty much schooled her..

First Test from Nanny, what is, “I luvmysocks”

Jake says, “WHAT”

Nanny says, “I lovmysock”

Jake says, “nanny, you’re cracked, there is no such word, can you say it slower”

Turned out, she was trying to say, La Maison(La(ILuv)mysco(son) or something like that.

Well, it was about that time, I started to laugh hysterically, along with dad…

Next up was Jake…

Jake says, “La BiCyclette(Nanny says, can you spell it)

Jake says, “Bicycle”

Nanny says, “Can you spell it”

Jake says, “No it’s a bicycle”

Nanny says, “can you spell it”

Jake says, “Nanny, I quit”

en francais, est NOMORE!!


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