Vacation 2012, Day 5: Tale of the Pickle Poutine.. Loving Gibson’s

The Day was Proclaimed TO HOT TO WORK Day, by MOTHER.  Never piss-off your mother, so, OK then..

Jake, and I are going Golfing..  Well, we had to cook breakfast, and make sure they were cool for todays heat…  Last Year, Gertie, and I bought a Portable Air Conditioner, and BOY did it come in handy today for them.

So, for those who don’t know, both Gertie, and Jake, have Hole-in-one’s in the family.  Yep, that’s right, and I STILL DON’T want to Talk about it…

Jake, and I hit the golf course, and boy did we have fun.  Jake typically plays best ball with me, but he had a stellar day driving.  He thinks my Martini Tee’s work the best, and he was hitting them long today.


Now, although he loves to Golf, I personally think he loves to drive the Cart More!!



I’m not sure what he’s doing here, but I don’t think it was a number 1?


Some other Misc shots from the Golf course.


Now for those who don’t know, Jake has followed in my Hockey footsteps, and is a Goalie..  #Goober29 , and actually has the number that I wore playing hockey in Bishop’s Falls..  Minor hockey, and School Hockey..  Victor’s in the first Saunders Shield..  #JustSaying

Anyway, Jake’s Goalie Coach @ThaneHughes will love this new putting Style..  It’s called the Set Putt!!! Smile  Nice FORM!! and the Putt went in!


Ok, for those following this, Mom actually didn’t want to go to Grand Falls, but gave Jake, and I Extreme orders to go to Dollarama and pick up some DVD cases..  So we did, and as we were leaving, I went Whaatttt am I doing.  I can’t believe I just did that, OMG, I’m trained.

Ok, we are hot, and it’s time for a cool down. 

Last year, I brought jake up to Jumpers Brook, and he wanted to go back.   Not to self, have to find a way to Pine Camps, via the Dirtbikes.  There must be a way!!

Anyway, back to Jumpers Brooks, and yes we drove back their on the bikes.  Although, I can believe there was some CRV’s on the trail.  Really?????


Still a Great little swimming hole, all those years later..

While there on the bikes, we decided to check out the new ride of the P.I.MP.. What a GREAT Story.  Sorry.. Smile



Ok, back home, after the swim, and we actually did get some work completed for today.  A small clean-out of some downstairs area’s, and we were able to donate 7 bags of clothing…  And as well, I’m now the proud owner of some Tools, compliments of Abitibi, and some old License plates..  Will be great for the Motorcycle Work area, in the Garage. Smile

Now, my old friend Ronald Butt owns, and operates Gibson’s in Grand Falls.  I’ve been there twice, and both times, he’s not there.   I’m wondering does he actually work there.. 


Sorry Mom and Dad, I had to take this picture today.  I own a Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it’s not really a tall vehicle, but it’s just a laugh watching them get in and out.  Sorry, I know, they are in their 80’s, and I shouldn’t be doing this..  Jake just loves it.. Smile

Anyway, the FOOD was GREAT as usual, we just love Gibson’s, and the Turkey Soup Mom claims comes from a Joint Recipe between Ronald’s mom, and her.  Ya, Right mom.. Smile

But I do believe jake is on to something with this new creation.  The Pickle Poutine..

Ya, I’m a little disgusted MYSELF!!

Returning back to Bishop’s Falls, it was time to visit the Cemetery in Bishop’s, and Water the flowers of my Dad’s, Brother Everett’s, and their parents..

This was very important to Jake, because Dad’s father, was in World War 1, and was decorated..  Jake presented the Medals in a speech to his Class this year, and he was very proud to do so..


Again, another one of those proud moments, and I was getting a little emotional at this point..    I think dad was as well..

Sorry for the terrible Picture, but it read’s, “Clarence Goobie, Private, World War 1, Dates(Don’t remember(arg)), Lest We Forget.



We ended the night at the IceCream Parlor.  OMG, it was AWESOME…  Jake had Moon Mist, Mom, some peanut butter thing, and Dad, and I had a Frozen Yogurt mixed with Blueberry’s, and Stawberry’s….  It was Awesome day!!

Miss you Gertie, and it was great to talk to you through out the day, train that new guy up…


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