Vacation 2012, Day 4: Rusty Nails, and Thunder Valley

Ok, the day started a little later..  But, it was Big Breakfast Day, ya, that means Bacon, Beans, Eggs, Toast, and Cheese…  Hmmmm  it was good..  Poppy was especially happy.. 

We checked in with Mamma, to see how her day at work was going, and off we went to work.


A good start to the day, as we had some work on the fence to complete.  I just want to say, Mother was in charge of figuring out how many pickets we had to replace, well, let just say, we were short by 8… Just saying……. MOTHER

After we exhausted all the wood, it was time for a break, and Jake wanted to get dirty, and hit the trails again.  We ended up yesterday’s run’s at KM 61..


So, we hit the trails, and of course, Jake’s on a mission to clean the trails up of all railway spikes, and today, well, we hit a new record today..  6 New additions to the Railway spike can to bring home..   Jake actually had a School project that he did on the railway spikes we found from the previous year.


As you can see the Can is getting full!!

After returning, it was time, yes you guessed it, time to go back to Grand Falls!!!!!   and here we see Dad waiting in the car once again for Mom, who’s visiting Sobey’s, not sure she actually buys anything in there.


One of the special things we did today, was water the plants at my Nan and Pop’s Grave, Mom’s Mother and Father…  Although I’m not one to take pictures like this, I thought it was appropriate.    I know it meant a lot to Mom, and I could feel the specialness of the moment.


IMG-20120731-00332   IMG-20120731-00333


Although Jake, and I didn’t speak about it after, I knew it meant something special to him as well.

After that, we watered the flower at Susan Gosse’s site, Nan’s Mom..


After returning home with the additional wood, we completed our Fence Job…  Along with a Rusty Nail going into my foot..  Guess my Nike Flipflops are not a good deterrent to nails?  Who Knew?

Jake wanted to hit Jumpers brook road and have a Look at Thunder Valley Raceway for this evenings ride, and it was awesome.  Well, the normal pit we hit, was not in Great shape…..  But, we decided to send dad back with the Jeep, and Jake, and I would drive back..

Someday, we figure the gates to the Raceway would be open, as there is something of a MX track inside.. 

We crossed the road, and hit the trail back…   Yes, Jake found another Railway Spike!! Unbelievable.

We got these pics on the trestle tonight, it was absolutely Gorgeous… 



Another day in Paradise tomorrow!!


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