Vacation 2012, Day 3: Work, and Play Day, also BDAY… 45 and holding..

So, after 10 hours of driving, Sleep, sleep, sleep, and some more sleep..  But now, we are back in the saddle, and first official day..

Yes, and we are still missing, Gertie, but we call her, and BBM her, and she’s probably annoyed with us…  But that’s what we do.  Her end to the project is near, and we are thankful for that.

So, first order of business, of course after Breakfast is, some work around the house, to help out with Nanny, and Poppy.  After re-establishing some Wireless Connectivity, for the multitude of Electronics the Goobies travel with, we are good to start.  Goobnet is back in business.. Smile

Lawnmoving, it’s time to MOW…  and it’s at this point, my son’s business mind kicks in.  I CAN MAKE MONEY!!  So, I get him started, and he continues to MOW Nanny and Poppies lawn.  It was very nice to see… 

So, Jake got a new Ride before we left, and has been practicing hard with his Clutch work….  So, our first break included a 30km ride around Bishop’s Falls, and surrounding area.



Soo, for those of you who have watched and read our blog, you will have noticed that Jake has been returning parts of the Newfoundland railroad to a private collection in Newfoundland.  He he shows some railway spikes, and other misc. items.

Railway update, we are now up to 5 Spikes..  Gertie is not going to be happy that all of this will be returning home. Smile

Jake has been doing AWESOME, and really doing well with Changing gears, and finding the friction zone on his new bike.  I’m very proud of him, and his new ride is AWESOME.

So, for those who know Mom and Dad, there’s always a SIGN, and here it is, Happy Birthday Kent.


And for those who know, this is MOM in Pants, and hot a housecoat.  Thank god she won’t read this, or I will be in Trouble.


Well, in a time honored tradition, after the mornings activities, we know have to go to Grand Falls..  Yep, visit every store, and buy absolutely nothing…  But it’s there thing to do, and we honor it..

IMG-20120730-00312 IMG-20120730-00313

Subway, jake’s Favorite!!  He was happy there was one in Grand Falls.

After our trip to Gentleman B’s to buy a MX Jersey, and a trip to Islander RV, where we get some new MX Pants for Jake, wait a minute, it’s supposed to be my Birthday!!

To the Grocery Store, and we update the Food Supply…

We head back home..   We have to pick up some wood fence pickets, and replace quite a number that has seen better days around the property.


So, back to work we go..


And then, T-Bones, and Birthday cake..  Happy Birthday to me..  And Jake, and Gertie surprised me with Gifts from a Far… Thanks so much Gertie..

But spending time home with Mom, and Dad, and Jake, has been a great Gift.   Jake and I biked a total of 60km’s today, and that was awesome..   We got our first days work completed, and we are set for Day 2.


Jake and Poppy were jawing each other about who could finish there steak.

We then had a surprise visit by the Member of Parliament, and P.I.MP(there’s a Great Story(Sorry Jack)) Daddy Scott Simms.. Also, a visit from Jack.  Mom gave them their Xmas Gifts.  KID YOU NOT.

And I know have a Beer Stein from Harper Himself!!

Thanks Robe Man!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. steve
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 14:54:34

    looks like fun there young fella !! but where are your manpri’s


  2. steve
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 16:09:17

    I can’t wait. Off to the rink.


  3. Gertie
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 19:30:23

    Harper beer steins not allowed in this house…


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