Vacation 2012, Day 2: Travel Day, and a Crossing..

Today was a travel day, Jake, and I were up early at 4:00am, and we made our way to the ferry in North Sydney. 

The vehicle, and the bikes are tucked away nicely amongst a number of Big Vehicles.  Dodge Rams, and Transport trucks..


We always take a cabin, and it was perfect for this crossing.  As soon as we got to the cabin, we slept for another 2 hours..

The crossing was excellent, got up, had some breakfast..  but found out, they were OUT OF BEANS… Sad smile 

Alrighty, back to the cabin, for some playing around with the laptop, and watching a few movies..    BTW: Really love the new ferries by Marine Atlantic, well done, as it’s great to be able to watch TV while crossing.


Really nice to have Marine Atlantic as a customer, and Jake of course demonstrates the placement of this Clean-Air Access point in the hallway.. Smile

IMG-20120729-00294    IMG-20120729-00295

He really liked how the carpet felt on his Toes..

We have arrived to a Glorious Day in Port Aux Basques…

IMG-20120729-00297  IMG-20120729-00298


Didn’t take us long to get on the Highway, and it hit me, how Beauty this Province is, and I do miss it from time to time.  Jake, and I commented on how alike Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland are, but when the Sun is shining, there are absolutely wonderful vista’s and landscapes that can’t be found anywhere but Newfoundland and Labrador.

IMG-20120729-00302     IMG-20120729-00303

Jake, and I stop for Lunch, and there’s no better place to stop, than Marble Mountain..  Ok, we wanted to have our Snowboard, and Ski’s handy, and of course some Snow.  But we didn’t…  We decided to make a pact, that we will return in the winter!!!


Finally, we arrive in Bishop’s Falls, Jake gave a BIG  BIG hug to Nanny, and Poppy..


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lana
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 09:19:17

    Love the photos. Lauren just got back from the FUture Links in PEI and we were in GFW for the provincial golf. Just missed a chance at Nationals. They had a bus from here to PEI and she too loved the Ferry. How long are you in Bishops? I was supposed to drop in to see my Uncle Gord Lannon. Do you know Leo Shallow who works with me? Heading to Eastport tomorrow.


    • goobiwan
      Jul 31, 2012 @ 09:25:28

      Nice, so she can play better than steve now eh.. Is he still twisting himself into the ground? We are here until Saturday.. Golf today for us hopefully.


      • Lana
        Aug 08, 2012 @ 17:10:32

        Hey Kent, I missed your reply and see you played GFW course. I took a cart and it’s like driving on the surface of the moon. She doesn’t play much golf anymore. Thank God our kids are good golfers!

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