Vacation 2012 .. Less one family member!

IMG-20120728-00286  Well, we are off..  Ok, who’s missing here.  I’m taking the picture, Jake has given the thumbs up, …. Yes, Gertie, unfortunately Gertie has to work this vacation, once again.  These MEGA Projects sometime really kill the family life..  But, she’s a pretty important Girl for these projects.  We look forward to the end of this one..

Ok, Flashback, to…  Can’t think of the date, but this happened once before..  Gertie wasn’t allowed holidays because of another Mega project..  Sad smile  The time, we went Camping with the Coveys.. Jake was very very young, but off we went to Cape Breton..    Funny, what I remember about that trip was:

    • Chris doing an incredible job backing a 5th wheel into a tight spot
    • The 500 watts of Lighting he had going around his canopy
    • I lost Jake while setting up the trailer(shh don’t tell Gertie)
    • The Camp Ground loosing it’s Grid…
    • And pretty much Baking Jake in the sun….

Now here we are in 2012, and I thought a lot about that trip as we drove to Kelly’s Mountain Motel for the evening before a Early crossing on the 29th.

So, get ready, and pack the following for the All BOYS, trip. 

  1. Dirtbikes (Check) Jake sporting his new Clutch based KLX 110L #AWESOME #WINNING
  2. Golf Clubs (Check)
  3. Lacrosse Sticks (Check)
  4. Football (Check)
  5. Baseball Gloves (Check)
  6. Soccer Ball (Check)
  7. Electronics (Check)
  8. Oh ya, some clothes (Check)

So we head off…  Thinking about Gertie, and giving her a kiss good-bye..  As we get into the Journey, I quickly realize how grown-up my boy is becoming..  He sat in the front, Jacked his iPod into the Car’s entertainment system..  Rolled down the windows, and started blasting some tunes..   We listened to:

    • Lil’Wayne
    • Drake
    • Flo-Rida(Thanks Jamie Berryman, clearly I know nothing)

We talked a lot about his new Dirtbike, and how he’s really enjoying having a Clutch now..  Although this comes from his own money, he’s really appreciative, and is looking forward to seeing Nanny, and Poppy..

We stopped to take a couple of pics on Kelly’s Mountain..



Well it’s off to bed, just got an update From Steve, on the Soccer team, they did well in Greenwood against some real tough teams..

What I want out of this Vacation with jake

    • Not to loose #Goober29
    • Not to Bake #Goober29
    • To spend as much time as possible with #Goober29, but also allowing him to Enjoy Nanny and Poppy Goobie


Looking forward to breakfast on the ferry, and the wonder ride via the west coast, and into Central Newfoundland.


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