Vacation 2012, Day 4: Rusty Nails, and Thunder Valley

Ok, the day started a little later..  But, it was Big Breakfast Day, ya, that means Bacon, Beans, Eggs, Toast, and Cheese…  Hmmmm  it was good..  Poppy was especially happy.. 

We checked in with Mamma, to see how her day at work was going, and off we went to work.


A good start to the day, as we had some work on the fence to complete.  I just want to say, Mother was in charge of figuring out how many pickets we had to replace, well, let just say, we were short by 8… Just saying……. MOTHER

After we exhausted all the wood, it was time for a break, and Jake wanted to get dirty, and hit the trails again.  We ended up yesterday’s run’s at KM 61..


So, we hit the trails, and of course, Jake’s on a mission to clean the trails up of all railway spikes, and today, well, we hit a new record today..  6 New additions to the Railway spike can to bring home..   Jake actually had a School project that he did on the railway spikes we found from the previous year.


As you can see the Can is getting full!!

After returning, it was time, yes you guessed it, time to go back to Grand Falls!!!!!   and here we see Dad waiting in the car once again for Mom, who’s visiting Sobey’s, not sure she actually buys anything in there.


One of the special things we did today, was water the plants at my Nan and Pop’s Grave, Mom’s Mother and Father…  Although I’m not one to take pictures like this, I thought it was appropriate.    I know it meant a lot to Mom, and I could feel the specialness of the moment.


IMG-20120731-00332   IMG-20120731-00333


Although Jake, and I didn’t speak about it after, I knew it meant something special to him as well.

After that, we watered the flower at Susan Gosse’s site, Nan’s Mom..


After returning home with the additional wood, we completed our Fence Job…  Along with a Rusty Nail going into my foot..  Guess my Nike Flipflops are not a good deterrent to nails?  Who Knew?

Jake wanted to hit Jumpers brook road and have a Look at Thunder Valley Raceway for this evenings ride, and it was awesome.  Well, the normal pit we hit, was not in Great shape…..  But, we decided to send dad back with the Jeep, and Jake, and I would drive back..

Someday, we figure the gates to the Raceway would be open, as there is something of a MX track inside.. 

We crossed the road, and hit the trail back…   Yes, Jake found another Railway Spike!! Unbelievable.

We got these pics on the trestle tonight, it was absolutely Gorgeous… 



Another day in Paradise tomorrow!!


Vacation 2012, Day 3: Work, and Play Day, also BDAY… 45 and holding..

So, after 10 hours of driving, Sleep, sleep, sleep, and some more sleep..  But now, we are back in the saddle, and first official day..

Yes, and we are still missing, Gertie, but we call her, and BBM her, and she’s probably annoyed with us…  But that’s what we do.  Her end to the project is near, and we are thankful for that.

So, first order of business, of course after Breakfast is, some work around the house, to help out with Nanny, and Poppy.  After re-establishing some Wireless Connectivity, for the multitude of Electronics the Goobies travel with, we are good to start.  Goobnet is back in business.. Smile

Lawnmoving, it’s time to MOW…  and it’s at this point, my son’s business mind kicks in.  I CAN MAKE MONEY!!  So, I get him started, and he continues to MOW Nanny and Poppies lawn.  It was very nice to see… 

So, Jake got a new Ride before we left, and has been practicing hard with his Clutch work….  So, our first break included a 30km ride around Bishop’s Falls, and surrounding area.



Soo, for those of you who have watched and read our blog, you will have noticed that Jake has been returning parts of the Newfoundland railroad to a private collection in Newfoundland.  He he shows some railway spikes, and other misc. items.

Railway update, we are now up to 5 Spikes..  Gertie is not going to be happy that all of this will be returning home. Smile

Jake has been doing AWESOME, and really doing well with Changing gears, and finding the friction zone on his new bike.  I’m very proud of him, and his new ride is AWESOME.

So, for those who know Mom and Dad, there’s always a SIGN, and here it is, Happy Birthday Kent.


And for those who know, this is MOM in Pants, and hot a housecoat.  Thank god she won’t read this, or I will be in Trouble.


Well, in a time honored tradition, after the mornings activities, we know have to go to Grand Falls..  Yep, visit every store, and buy absolutely nothing…  But it’s there thing to do, and we honor it..

IMG-20120730-00312 IMG-20120730-00313

Subway, jake’s Favorite!!  He was happy there was one in Grand Falls.

After our trip to Gentleman B’s to buy a MX Jersey, and a trip to Islander RV, where we get some new MX Pants for Jake, wait a minute, it’s supposed to be my Birthday!!

To the Grocery Store, and we update the Food Supply…

We head back home..   We have to pick up some wood fence pickets, and replace quite a number that has seen better days around the property.


So, back to work we go..


And then, T-Bones, and Birthday cake..  Happy Birthday to me..  And Jake, and Gertie surprised me with Gifts from a Far… Thanks so much Gertie..

But spending time home with Mom, and Dad, and Jake, has been a great Gift.   Jake and I biked a total of 60km’s today, and that was awesome..   We got our first days work completed, and we are set for Day 2.


Jake and Poppy were jawing each other about who could finish there steak.

We then had a surprise visit by the Member of Parliament, and P.I.MP(there’s a Great Story(Sorry Jack)) Daddy Scott Simms.. Also, a visit from Jack.  Mom gave them their Xmas Gifts.  KID YOU NOT.

And I know have a Beer Stein from Harper Himself!!

Thanks Robe Man!!

Vacation 2012, Day 2: Travel Day, and a Crossing..

Today was a travel day, Jake, and I were up early at 4:00am, and we made our way to the ferry in North Sydney. 

The vehicle, and the bikes are tucked away nicely amongst a number of Big Vehicles.  Dodge Rams, and Transport trucks..


We always take a cabin, and it was perfect for this crossing.  As soon as we got to the cabin, we slept for another 2 hours..

The crossing was excellent, got up, had some breakfast..  but found out, they were OUT OF BEANS… Sad smile 

Alrighty, back to the cabin, for some playing around with the laptop, and watching a few movies..    BTW: Really love the new ferries by Marine Atlantic, well done, as it’s great to be able to watch TV while crossing.


Really nice to have Marine Atlantic as a customer, and Jake of course demonstrates the placement of this Clean-Air Access point in the hallway.. Smile

IMG-20120729-00294    IMG-20120729-00295

He really liked how the carpet felt on his Toes..

We have arrived to a Glorious Day in Port Aux Basques…

IMG-20120729-00297  IMG-20120729-00298


Didn’t take us long to get on the Highway, and it hit me, how Beauty this Province is, and I do miss it from time to time.  Jake, and I commented on how alike Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland are, but when the Sun is shining, there are absolutely wonderful vista’s and landscapes that can’t be found anywhere but Newfoundland and Labrador.

IMG-20120729-00302     IMG-20120729-00303

Jake, and I stop for Lunch, and there’s no better place to stop, than Marble Mountain..  Ok, we wanted to have our Snowboard, and Ski’s handy, and of course some Snow.  But we didn’t…  We decided to make a pact, that we will return in the winter!!!


Finally, we arrive in Bishop’s Falls, Jake gave a BIG  BIG hug to Nanny, and Poppy..

Vacation 2012 .. Less one family member!

IMG-20120728-00286  Well, we are off..  Ok, who’s missing here.  I’m taking the picture, Jake has given the thumbs up, …. Yes, Gertie, unfortunately Gertie has to work this vacation, once again.  These MEGA Projects sometime really kill the family life..  But, she’s a pretty important Girl for these projects.  We look forward to the end of this one..

Ok, Flashback, to…  Can’t think of the date, but this happened once before..  Gertie wasn’t allowed holidays because of another Mega project..  Sad smile  The time, we went Camping with the Coveys.. Jake was very very young, but off we went to Cape Breton..    Funny, what I remember about that trip was:

    • Chris doing an incredible job backing a 5th wheel into a tight spot
    • The 500 watts of Lighting he had going around his canopy
    • I lost Jake while setting up the trailer(shh don’t tell Gertie)
    • The Camp Ground loosing it’s Grid…
    • And pretty much Baking Jake in the sun….

Now here we are in 2012, and I thought a lot about that trip as we drove to Kelly’s Mountain Motel for the evening before a Early crossing on the 29th.

So, get ready, and pack the following for the All BOYS, trip. 

  1. Dirtbikes (Check) Jake sporting his new Clutch based KLX 110L #AWESOME #WINNING
  2. Golf Clubs (Check)
  3. Lacrosse Sticks (Check)
  4. Football (Check)
  5. Baseball Gloves (Check)
  6. Soccer Ball (Check)
  7. Electronics (Check)
  8. Oh ya, some clothes (Check)

So we head off…  Thinking about Gertie, and giving her a kiss good-bye..  As we get into the Journey, I quickly realize how grown-up my boy is becoming..  He sat in the front, Jacked his iPod into the Car’s entertainment system..  Rolled down the windows, and started blasting some tunes..   We listened to:

    • Lil’Wayne
    • Drake
    • Flo-Rida(Thanks Jamie Berryman, clearly I know nothing)

We talked a lot about his new Dirtbike, and how he’s really enjoying having a Clutch now..  Although this comes from his own money, he’s really appreciative, and is looking forward to seeing Nanny, and Poppy..

We stopped to take a couple of pics on Kelly’s Mountain..



Well it’s off to bed, just got an update From Steve, on the Soccer team, they did well in Greenwood against some real tough teams..

What I want out of this Vacation with jake

    • Not to loose #Goober29
    • Not to Bake #Goober29
    • To spend as much time as possible with #Goober29, but also allowing him to Enjoy Nanny and Poppy Goobie


Looking forward to breakfast on the ferry, and the wonder ride via the west coast, and into Central Newfoundland.