Jake and Jake in Chester, First Session 2012

Given March Break, there has been a significant number of changes with respect to our hockey weekend.  The #TasaIceDawgs are down a significant number of players, thus there was alot of shuffling of games and practices.

Saturday was a good example of this.  Our last Chester practice only saw 7 #TasaIcedawgs, but Davis showed up from Tasa1, and it was great to have him on the ice with us..   We also had another session at the BMO session at  12:45, and what was most impressive is that we saw a number of players from Tasa 1, and Tasa 2 show up.   Kudo’s to them, given one had a game in Kentville, and the other at Tasa…

This was great for me, as I was able to focus on Jake with some specific drills.  Our Carey Price Drill, Bring it, and targeted Net coverage…  Thanks Ken for the assist..

Now, after the practice, the Two Jake’s, Stevens, and #Goob29 hit the Chester Skatepark.  They were ready, with new Scooters in hand..


We were not at the park for more than 5 minutes when I noticed a BMX’er that I’ve taken pictures of before..  Well, it showed off one of his new tricks…


See the complete sequence given my new camera can now shoot 10 frames per second..

Well, what a great start to our first session for 2012.  Hard to compete against stuff like that, but Jake and Jake sure enjoyed the show.

Some Misc shots from the session, and he spent more time there, you can tell, he was getting use to his new Madgear Scooter..  Thanks Quebec Scooters for all the support and service over the last couple of years.


I think Jake likes his scooter!!!


After spending some time in the Park, he hits the bowl…


And get high up on the wall.


Time for air, and tail whips, landed two with the new scooter.  Although he loves snowboarding, I really think he likes that fact that the snow is gone!!


Step up to a Box


First crash.. Smile


My new Sony Alpha 65 had a built in HDR capability.   HDR is High Dynamic Range Processing capability.  Basically, three shots taken a different exposures.  Typically this is done in Software, but in this case, it’s built into the camera..

It does do some pretty cool stuff…



All the pictures, and there are some others that are Great as well.


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