Montreal Meltdown

Spring hockey is over, and I can’t believe it, wow…

The Nova Scotia 2003 Prospects has played, and been very successful in the Atlantic Tournaments.

  • Express Tournament in Saint John
  • PEI Oyster Cup
  • Bluenose Selects tournament

But, what was really incredible this spring hockey year, was the extra tournament in Montreal this year.  The Montreal  Meltdown.  There was 16 teams representing, Montreal, Arizona, Toronto, and Boston.

We all met at your Hotel in Point Claire, and it was sure great to spend time the group of parents for this final tournament.   We were a little worried, and excited for the kids.  We had 4 games in the round robin, and the 2003 Nova Scotia Prospects went 2 – 2…  To be quite honest, we thought it would be 0 – 4, but our kids sure surprised us.

Our first game was against the Griphons of Montreal, and we played at Vincent Lecavalier’s(I know I spelled it wrong) arena in Il Bizzard..  What a ruckus, thought our fans where crazy, but I was sure surprised.  They definitely outclassed us with Noise makers, and flags…  But we pulled the win off..  More importantly we bought the same noise makers, and horns for our next game.




Our next game was against the Boston Jr. Bruins..  Yep, the Boston Jr. Bruins…  What a wonderful experience for our team, and I do believe our kids where a little struck with the idea of playing Boston.  We lost that game, but it was sure fun watching the kids compete hard against this team.  I personally think we could have won this game, on another day.


The coaches worked very hard with the kids, and they really turned it around.


The next game was against the Montreal Stallion….  Can you believe, the first three games, and we are playing the top teams of the tournament.  Our boys played very well, and we definitely kept up with em..   And at the end of the day, we scored one of the few goals against the Stallion.  Jake got Player of the Game, and we where very proud of him.  He saw a lot of rubber.



Our last game was against the Montreal HST..   With a Win, we make it to the Qtr finals.   Our boys where pumped, and we where able to get a win…  They played awesome, and secured us a trip to the QTR finals..  That’s 2 and 2.  Wow, what a great result for the first time playing at this level of competition..  Did I mention WOW..


So, the kids have an evening with the coaches, team meetings, etc…  but it’s important to get them off to bed, as they have  a big game.  It’s against the Toronto Total Hockey.  A team, with the Biggest Goalie I’ve ever seen for a 2003 age group.  He definitely could play ATOM or even PEEWEE.. Smile 


The boys get ready for the game..   The QTR’s, SEMI’s, and Finals are two periods of 15 minutes… 

The Total Hockey team play two lines, and 4 d…  What a VERY VERY VERY Fast team.  They play their positions very well.  Although the kids worked hard, they for this tournament, played at a different level.  I guarantee you, next time, it will be different. 

IMG_6714    IMG_6766IMG_6832


I’m so proud of Jake, for being a great team mate, and for the Team, for working their butts off in a Tournament of this calibre.  Well done 2003 Nova Scotia Prospects!!



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