Hockey (Selects Cup), and Dirtbikes, what a Day!

The Nova Scotia Prospect win Gold at the Selects Cup, Congrats to the boys for a very well played game..  It’s off to Montreal to play in the Montreal Meltdown.


Some Pics from the Win!

Now, it was such a nice day, that Jake, and I got approval from Momma, and we got the Dirtbikes out.  Nothing better than some time on the bikes after a game of hockey.





Lacrosse, Finally!!

Coming to the end of Spring Hockey, we are finally able to get to some Lacrosse games…   Jake sure loves playing Lacrosse, and as parents we love being involved..


Both Cameron and Jake are playing up with the Novice Thunder.. They are still tyke aged players, but truly enjoying playing full court.

There’s actually three IceDawgs on the Thunder Team, Jake, Cameron Macdonald, and Zach Nauss.  Funny, two goalies from the IceDawgs, both loving playing out, and scoring…

Some Pictures from a recent game against Bedford.


For the complete album, click below!

Well done Coach!

2003 Prospects win the Oyster Cup in PEI


The Oyster Cup was hosted by the Andrews Hockey Growth group, and they did a fantastic job in organizing, and uPEI, what a Facility.

Home to our Goalie Coach Thane Hughes..  Thanks thane for providing the kids a trip through the Panthers dressing room.  Goes to show what hard work can provide.

The kids had a great game on Sunday against the PEI Riptide..  6 – 2 Victory, with a pivotal point being a Penalty Shot by Beans.  The kids are getting their cool names from the coaches, GOOOBER, TOORCCH, BEANS, TREE, GROUCHO, WINDOWS, and others.. 

Some of us voted on the best Uni’s, and that went to the Fire from Cape Breton, See Saturday Pictures.

Some pics from the Championship game.


Oyster Sunday Pics


After Game pictures, and Puck/Banner Celebrations

Oyster Saturday Pics

Oyster Friday Pics