2003 Prospects bring back the Express Cup Title


The 2003 Prospects brings back Gold from Saint John, and the Easter Bunny even found them after the game.  Well Done, Coaches, Players, and most importantly Parents…  I’ve travelled that road many times in the last 8 years, and I’m sure glad in my new Job I don’t have to much anymore..

I’ve broken the pictures out that we have for sharing in Day 1, 2 and 3..  Plus a few odd shots, of some NON hockey action..  A quick view of those..



For the Gallery to download, or view.

Day 1 saw the 2003 Prospects play the Fredericton Group, 2004, and 2003’s….  Great games, and the kids had fun for sure, including some Pool time after.



Full Day 1 Gallery.

Day 2 had us playing the Teams from Saint John..


Day 2 Gallery and Downloads

Day 3 brought us the championship game, and the boys played extremely well.  Congrats and a Wonderful Weekend for sure.



Day 3 Gallery and Download

I apologize for some the blurred medal presentation pics… The boys where tooo quick.. Smile


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