2003 Prospects bring back the Express Cup Title


The 2003 Prospects brings back Gold from Saint John, and the Easter Bunny even found them after the game.  Well Done, Coaches, Players, and most importantly Parents…  I’ve travelled that road many times in the last 8 years, and I’m sure glad in my new Job I don’t have to much anymore..

I’ve broken the pictures out that we have for sharing in Day 1, 2 and 3..  Plus a few odd shots, of some NON hockey action..  A quick view of those..



For the Gallery to download, or view.

Day 1 saw the 2003 Prospects play the Fredericton Group, 2004, and 2003’s….  Great games, and the kids had fun for sure, including some Pool time after.



Full Day 1 Gallery.

Day 2 had us playing the Teams from Saint John..


Day 2 Gallery and Downloads

Day 3 brought us the championship game, and the boys played extremely well.  Congrats and a Wonderful Weekend for sure.



Day 3 Gallery and Download

I apologize for some the blurred medal presentation pics… The boys where tooo quick.. Smile


Little Ducklings…

Alrighty, the Covey boys got some new BIKES!!  Ya, Baby, and they are awesome..   Congrats Lucas, and Gregory…  So, come rain or shine, it’s off to the Fall River Dirt Pit!!. 

Ok, next time, I’m not going if it’s raining…  But it will definitely provide for some excellent experiences..  and I promise to call Alex next time.  Many Apologies.

IMG_3877 (2)

IMG_3878   IMG_3879IMG_3880IMG_3881IMG_3882


Crazy, but GREAT weekend at the skateparks.



Parker and Jake hit the Skatepark

Saturday morning, it was snowing, what do we do…. HEAD TO THE SKATEPARK BABY!

Jake was invited over to Parkers for a sleepover, think there was some planning happening between parker, and jake, after wendy dropped off a sweater from Icedawg Hockey..

Anyway, got the boys, and we head down to the commons…

Nice Manual Parker!



For the first hour, the boys where getting use to the Park, exploring all area’s.


Jake getting some respect from the locals.


Parker starting to ride the walls in the medium bowl, and learning to drop in.


Jake getting air out of the small bowl



All and All, a GREAT day the Park!


For the FULL Set of Pictures.. Including the BIG BOWL, click below!

Chester, 1st time this year… 4/10/2011

Well, after some time, we finally got back to chester for a scooter/bmx session…  We got in touch with Alex, Jake’s Cousin, and The Macdonald’s..

Turned out to be a nice day, if you were riding, but KEN and I were DAMN COLD!  Yikes.

It sure didn’t bother Ben, Cameron, Alex, and Jake, as they rode for a couple of hours.

Alex, and Jake, have been there before:



But this was Ben, and Cameron’s first time, and boy did they shred it up…



It was shortly after this session, that Cameron, and I got extremely SICK, and it’s only know that I’ve had a moment to post this..  Man, it was BAD, and I’ve prayed to a higher GoD!!

For the full session pictures, click here below.