Jake rides the Commons again!!

So, after dealing with a nasty head cold, I decided to pickup Jake, a little early…  Needed to stay outside, so, after a couple of quick haircuts.  Yep, don’t take much for a haircut for the Goobie Boys…

We hit the SKATEPARK baby again..

Armed with the Flip camera, I had the opportunity to take a few video’s of Jake immersing himself in the Skateboard/bmx/scooter scene once again.

A few drop-ins, death drops, transfer’s, wall-rides, he was getting his groove on.

Also, grabbed some video’s for my Show and Share Server in our Lab..  Just love the Corporate / Social Facebook for the Enterprise!

I’m back!
Manual and small bowl drop
Practicing the 180


We are at another tournament this weekend, and really looking forward to playing in Trenton.  The IceDawgs are really excited, and should be a lot of fun.

Goobie OUT..


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