What a WEEKEND!! Whew!!

Well, mommakintai was heading to the valley for a scrapbooking weekend with the girls, thus it was Jake, and I at home..  Ya man, Pizza, Steak, Root Beer, it had all the makings of a great weekend.

Jake, had hockey practice on Friday morning, and mom was shortly leaving after that…  But, Friday, I was still off, as I’m changing jobs, I decided to pickup Jake early from School, and hit the commons…  Oh ya, Epic Day at the Park once again.

DSC00990DSC00992DSC01007 It was a great impromptu session, where Jake spent most of his time 180’ing the middle bowl, and finding some interesting lines around that section.

Back home Jake, and I set everything up for Hockey in the morning, and some Dirtbiking with the usual gang of suspects.  Peter, Gregory, Lucas, Shane, and Josh.  Hockey in Chester started at 8:00, and then some dryland positional training ran until 10:00…  Then it was off to the pit.


Plans where set with Peter, that Saturday morning, after hockey, we would hit Exit 7, and some backroad, Pit areas for some great dirtbiking..

Jake was looking forward to guiding everyone into the pit area, as it was their first time to this special area.  He led everyone in perfectly, and told me to slow down.  Jake’s riding skills have sure improved over the last year, and I was extremely proud of him.  Not only is he a great rider, but he’s real good with his rider radar, and knowing what’s going on around him.  Now, I’m sure that may change, but for what right now, I’m extremely proud of my boy.  Personally I think it’s from the skatepark scene and keeping his head up there.

DSC01043DSC01065DSC01095This will be the last year on his DRZ-70, and I expect him to really enjoy a larger frame bike for sure.  He’s wants KTM, but will probably get a CRF-70.. or 80…

Peter and Lucas tear it up this trip, and where getting some incredible air.


Now let’s talk about the Dude Flying Very high on his CRF100…  I happened to get this picture perfectly, but it was a great crash.


Josh, and dad Shane where riding extremely well.  Josh hit a few jumps and it was awesome to see his progression..  Dad, well, let’s just say, he’s going to be very sore!


Even Gregory started to catch some air.


Well, after a GREAT steak at the covey’s and some socializing, Jake, and I retire home.  Sunday brings another opportunity to for some skatepark time again.

Jake had Daniels birthday party today, thus an early skatepark session was required.  Given the sun, and the closeness to SNOW, we try and get in as much as we can.

Today, at the skatepark, it was all about smoothness, Jake was really smooth today, his bowl 180’s were incredible, and his work in the big bowl was very cool as well.  Jake started working on his BMX skills doing some manuals, both nose and rear wheel, some transfers, and drop-ins.


Just then moved to the scooter.  He moved into the bowls, and really smoothed out his 180’s.


Jake moved into the big bowl, and is getting higher up on the wall.


His new trick is a lookback… DSC01125

New as well is a big jhop transfer.  DSC01151

Jake has been doing 180’’s, and 360’s on this scooter, but from time to time he will try on his bmx bike.  He started with some 90’s this morning, but decided his was going to try a 180 to roll-back.  This is what happened.  He continues to try.



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