It was landed, the Tailwhip, and it was landed 4 times during the session.


This year, has been pretty amazing..   I’ve been watching Jake all year, practicing this specific trick..  He’s been working hard on really all aspects of Skateboarding, BMX, and Scootering….  and I love watching him..

It started a number of years back, when Gertie said, ARE YOU NUTS, you bought Jake a Skateboard?  Well, he was 3, and I didn’t see any issue with that?   SK8 May2006 (1)  As I’ve said before, Jake takes on a different personality when he’s at the skatepark.  He’s known in Greenwood, Chester, Fall River, and at the Halifax Commons.  His scooter, and BMX bike are unique, and it’s really funny watching him interact with the older community.

It was a special day today, as Jake Stevens Joined Jake Goobie for this session.  Believe it or not, this started a number of years ago, where Jake, and Jake hit the skatepark for the first time together.  DSC00540  And they have been skating together for a bit now..  As we approach the end of this season, a number of new tricks has been learned.

  • The Tailwhip
  • 180’s
  • Turndowns
  • Drop in’s
  • Tail Taps
  • Wall Rides
  • Manuals
  • Nose Manuals
  • No Footers

Most recently Jake’s Cousin Alex has been going to the skatepark with Jake, and it’s been great for me to get to know Alex better.  Alex, has been progressing with his BMX skills, and most recently has been working on a 360…

His new trick is a Wheel grab.  What’s interesting about this, is how he enters the trick, dropping into the entrance of the big bowl at chester.

DSC00604DSC00610Pretty Awesome in my opinion.

Not to be out done on the BMX Bike..  DSC00631

Another new trick that was shown today by Jake was what I believe to be his first turn down, but he say’s, no daddy, I’ve been doing for awhile.. Smile  Ok then Son..


For a complete group of pictures..


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  1. goobiwan
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 10:06:52

    That’s crazy Man!


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