Fun Afternoon of Pit, and Park…

Jake, and I pipped off work early to try on a few dirt bikes at Pro Honda.. Shhh, don’t tell the boss.  After trying on a few bikes, I asked Jake where he wanted to head to this afternoon, Commons, or….   The BMX Pit in Fall River… Well, he was all over the Pit idea.. 

A few days earlier we decided to hit a another bmx dirt area in Timberlea.  Well, it was less than exciting, and Jake was sporting a bad knee from a dirtbike jumping issue.. Shh, don’t tell mom..

The Fall River bike Park “The Pit” was first visited by Jake, and I about 3 years ago, but jake at the Age of 4 really wasn’t completing transfers, gaps, or jumps..   Now, well that’s a different story…  Here’s a couple of pics of the session at the Pit.

After running up and down the Pit for about 45 minutes, and being respectful of time for mom..  Can’t be that late for supper, Jake, and I hit the Community Center Skatepark that we heard about from Alex, Jake’s 22 year old skating/BMXing buddy.

I know I’ve said this before, but there’s something about watching jake plan his runs, and watch others, in learning and understanding tricks..  When Jake was only 2 or 3, Gertie, and I watched Jake, watch a few kids doing Ollies on a skateboard.   Now Jake has always been very active, but it was odd to watch him just soak up the skills that some other kid had, and adapt them to his world.

Well, it happened again, tonight brought back a flood of memories for me, watching Jake, Soak up the scene, and watch / learn what the other kids where doing.  And as always, they were very respectful of his abilities, and his Scooter..

For a complete Album look, check below…  Just after this, it was time to return home, and beg forgiveness from Mom…  Given Jake has early hockey on Friday morning, we are hoping she’s in a forgiving mood.


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