When it takes you 2 1/2 hours to clean up the bikes, boots, and other off-road riding accessories, well, that’s a good/Epic Day!

We arrived in Debert, shortly after 10:00..  That allowed us to unload the bikes, and start hitting the trails..  Debert = the most awesome place to ride.

Map picture

Really don’t want to give up our place, but here’s a quick aerial view..

For what ever reason, there was a lot of water, and mud..  Of course, that just made it so much more fun.  At one point, I was riding behind Josh, and his dad Shane… Josh had a little mis-hap in the big water.. Well, did dad run back to help out… NOOOO, it was Kent..  No problems shane,it was my pleasure, and BTW, my boots are still wet.. Smile

Alrighty, the riders, once again…

  1. Peter (I’m always the loudest on two wheels) Covey
  2. Lucas (Where’s my Helmet) Covey
  3. Gregory (I’ve only got 9 nails) Covey
  4. Shane (I’m going to hurt in the morning) Mckenna
  5. Joshua (I ride better in the afternoon) Mckenna
  6. Jake (The Person with the most MUD Wins) Goobie
  7. Kent (Camera Man) Goobie

It didn’t take us long to get dirty…  Directly across from our parking area, was a small oval, with some alternative routes.. Didn’t take long for us to get it going…

After a few quick laps, and trying to get warmed up… Peter led us to the Makeshift Motorcross track…  Peter, and Lucas where lamenting about this big new jump that was built with logs, etc..  So, off we went.

Debert is one of those places that it just brings out the best in you.  There’s all kinds of terrain, and lots of it.  Single Track, Motorcross Track, submarine diving water, and even some pavement.. Smile

So, we hit the Track, this is the 2nd time Jake has been there, and we start riding it hard.

Yes, it’s time for a new bike for jake.. Shh, don’t tell Gertie!!

Didn’t take us long, but the boys quickly found the first jump.

After finding some air here, it was decided to start working on a bigger jump…  Well, the boys started catching some bigger air.

Jake even got into the Groove..

As usual, we got the opportunity to visit the Debert runway.  It was great, as there was some tow plane, and gliding going on.


Tow plane landing

After Lunch, and another session on the track, we decided to find some single track, and go exploring..  Well, let’s just say, some of what we found, just was not nice!

And finally, for some Group shots..

And now for the EXCITING on the move shots, yes, he can operate a clutch, and take a picture all at the same time..  Yes, I have to get a GOPRO…  For my first shot, hold the camera over the head, and take a picture from behind you.


What’s interesting about this shot, is the fact that, Peter(Big Daddy), has a flock of little chick’s behind him..  Shane and I where laughing at this one.

I like this picture of Shane, and Josh..


And for a complete view of the album, or to download some medium resolution pictures, see below.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. connor
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 16:28:33

    hey this is connor ryan i live in debert and go riding in those trails there is trails in there that you have probably never seen but there are huge humps ramps ect my uncle built them right by the industrial park down the pavement at the bottom were the parking is and were there is a small building well if you go left for 20-40 feet off to your right you will see a little trail follow that theres some pretty good jumps in there its ment for mountain bikes but if u have dirt bikes it will work WILL not work for ATV’s. also they are wooden jumps mostly.


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