What a Great Sunday!!

This has been a crazy week, and starting Friday was Novice evaluations.  Jake started with 17 other goalies for his first Novice Goalie evaluations.  Jake was well prepared, as he’s played a lot of hockey over the spring and summer, and has transitioned into the Goaltending position very well.  Well, better than his dad did for sure.

Jake officially transitioned from Player to Goalie, really just after Christmas..  With the purchase of goalie mask, pads, chest protector, blocker, pants and glove, skates… We have officially committed for sure.  Since the end of Minor Hockey, we have been playing all spring and summer.

  • Nova Scotia Prospects 2003 .. (Goaltending)
  • Tyler Naugler’s week long summer camp (Goaltending)
  • Thane Hughes, Extreme Edge Goaltending camp (Goaltending)
  • Kirk Tomlinson’s Atom Elite Training, with Thane coaching (Goaltending)
  • Kirk Tomlinson’s Novice/Atom Practice Like the Pro’s Friday Sessions.. (Goaltending)


He’s really looking forward to the up and coming season, and continued sessions with Thane, and Extreme Edge Goaltending.

I was helping out checking in the players, and making sure pennies where recorded, and that Christina had her players sheets in order.

Finally the last group had head out to the ice, and Gertie mentioned taking over my job, while I got to do what I love to do best.  Bringing jake to the skatepark, and getting to take some pictures of the boy doing his thing.  We had heard that Alex wanted to come as well, and would meet us at the commons.

Jakes session today included a number of Manuel’s, Nose Manuels, jumps, Wall-Rides, gaps, transfers..  There’s nothing more peaceful to me, than following jake around the skatepark on his BMX Bike, Skateboard, and Scooter.   What’s real funny is that Jake typically hangs with the other kids, and adults, and he has SkateparkCred.


Loved watching Jake today on his Scooter.  He attempted what looked like a 360 tailwhip going in his opposite directly.


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