Alex and Jake BMX again…

Through all the pressures that work tends to throw at you, I find a unique sense of peace watching my Son Jake, fly around a BMX park, leaping into the air, 180’s, Manuel’s, Nose Manuel’s, death drops, transfers, and drop-in’s…. 

We spent Saturday, and Sunday at Yogi, Jake got one quick session in at the Greenwood Skatepark, last one for the year I suppose…  We winterized the trailer, and she’s put to bed for another year.

My promise to jake was, let’s get the trailer winterized, drive home, unpack, and then we could head to the skatepark..  Well, let me tell ya, he helped get the Jeep unpacked, and handed the putting away duties over to mom..  Sorry about that Gertie. Sad smile

We had heard from Alex earlier in the morning, and I told him, we would be back after lunch.  Alex called just at the right time..   We met at the commons, and they were off.

Alex and Jake have skated/bmx/scooted a lot before, and it was sure nice to see them back at it again.


The picture above was done in three takes..  The first two were not so great, but showed some incredible air by alex.


Lately jake has been spending a lot of time on the Skateboard, and it was nice to see him back on the bike again..  Typically wall-rides, some small transfers, etc was par for the course.  For some reason, jake was inspired today, even though he has a small head cold, he was on-fire..

First he was watching Alex do a newly learned Nose Manuel… Then he had to do it.

DSC00208     DSC00253

Then a transfer in the small bowl.

DSC00204     DSC00232

Then it was a standard transfer, although alex was trying to 180 it, jake was having no part of that.

DSC00254      DSC00283

Then there some Jumping going on!!

DSC00261      DSC00265

Alex sure has improved his riding since we last saw him…  He’s did a jump out of the middle bowl to downward transfer.  It was awesome.

DSC00241      DSC00242 

it sure was a great day at the Commons, thought we were going to be rained out, but no-sir, it was pleasure to run around with the camera, chasing after Alex, and Jake. 

OH ya, the scooter still had some magic in it for sure.

DSC00220      DSC00227

DSC00287       DSC00288




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