Vacation Day 13: It’s the End of the Tour…

Well, it’s the end of the tour…  Well, not quite yet…, but we are getting close.  The Day started off once again with Jake, and Ronald, doing their thing..  Off wandering around, and most likely picking on each other in some way.


Supper consisted of some fresh Fish for Gertie, and Burger’s for Jake and I..  Did I ever mention that I’m one of those few Newfoundlanders who’s not that fond of Fish?  That being said, Jake, and I TRULY ENJOYED OUR BURGERS..  There’s something nice about grilling a burger that’s not LEAN, whatever… Smile

Just after that, we where visited by the local roaming family of Wild Turkeys.



Well, it’s the last real day of riding, and it poured the day before, so, it’s time to get Dirty.  We started with a morning ride around the island, and then back into a few woods roads..

The river..

As we drove back further onto the woods roads, we came upon a Quad.  Well, I’m not a fan of Quad’s, and I’m making sure Jake is not either..  I did allow him to sit on it.  But even with the key in it, it didn’t start.

The Little Quad

And oh boy, did the bikes get Dirty..

Dirty DRZ70Dirty DRZ250

As we get ready to depart the island, we will have to clean it for sure.  But, there’s time for another ride before that happens. Smile

The the evening, jake wanted to ride along the shore of the island, thus, that’s what we had to do.   We are going to clean the bikes directly after, so, I was good with that for sure.

With Ronald, Madonna, and Gertie on the Quad, and Jake, and I on the bikes, off we went..  For my uncle Bob, and Scott.  Please don’t look at the first couple of photo’s..


Once on the island, we take to the hills for some jumps, and Wheelies..

DSC00064     DSC00102

We take to the Shoreline for some fun, and fun it was.. 

DSC00081   DSC00083


For a full photo album.

And finally, the family shot, and Sunset.  Two pictures we always take on the last day.




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