Vacation Day 12 Jake helps Ronald…Build a concrete pad, I watch!!

Today, was a very interesting day in Paradise..  Jake was super excited to help Ronald finish a peace of his garage, and house…  Basically a concrete pour, with some smoothing efforts..  Me, I’m not a concrete guy, but Jake rolled up this sleves, and was ready to go..

What was nice here, was that Eric, and Darcy where involved.  It’s the first time we saw them this vacation… 


Above, is Eric the finisher…   If his name was attached to something, he made sure that it was his best work, for sure.  I don’t think he thought it was ever good enough.


Darcy, well, he was just happy to help..  He’s a strong boy….   It’s to bad we didn’t get to see them more for sure.

Well, with the first truck up against the Garage, the pour started.  Yep, we needed two… Oops Ronald..







He was sure happy to help for sure..


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