Vacation Day Whatever: Riding and the Views are spectacular..

Back on the road again, we head from Bishop’s Falls, over to the Codroy Valley…  Truly a Spectacular place..  Have to give a big shout out to The Bike Carrier system has been terrific… Knock on wood..

Rear View Mirror

The first day Jake, and I hit the Gale family island… Just across from Ronald’s house..  Absolutely wonderful riding, and Jake of course found an area to Jump…

Island Picture

Jake and I hit the top of what we call Madonna’s Mountain.  The long range mountains are in the background, and really we are on the Anguille Mountain..  The road has deteriorated quite a bit, but Jake made it up the technical track quite well..  It’s amazing how much Jake has improved.

Top of Madonnas Mtn.

Jake, and I hit Raymond’s Pit today.  A number of Pits in the Valley that was an absolute Blast.  Jumps, soft sand, hill climbs, it was Heaven for dirtbiking..  Unbelievable.  The mountains are just incredible.

Raymonds Picture


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