Vacation Day 11…

Dirtbiking, in the Valley…  Jake, and I got the bikes out after breakfast today, and immediately proceeded up the Mountain… For those on Facebook, there are some pictures on the Mobile uploads section.  The road had become bad, but jake was able to practice his technical skills, and naviagate his way to the very top.  it was great..

Shortly after that, we did some exploring around some logging roads, and jake found another item.  A Hammer..

Then proceeded up to Ronald’s house to get an update, and WOW, the colors….

Jake wanted to head over to the Gale island, and we had a blast riding up and down the hills..  Again, another great photo is up on the Facebook/mobile section.

I’ve been watching Jake ride now for the last couple of days, and it’s sure great to see his skills improve.  Especially during some of the backwoods technical sections.. 

Well, time for lunch, and we decided to play some golf in the Codvoy Valley, and St. Andrew Na Creige.  It may only be 9-holes, but there’s nothing nicer in my opinion with respect to Views..


How good is that?

Below is the updated photo…  Gertie, and I took a picture of this hole, a number of years ago, that was used on actually on a Government Financial Report.



After Supper at the Wreckhouse Tea room, which was Fanatastic, we went back to the construction of Ronald’s house, and Jake decided it time to use the backhoe…


The smile on his face, was AMAZING after getting out of the rig!!


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