Vacation Day 10 Dirtbiking in Central. The Big Air Day…

Ok, as you can probably tell, Jake, and I spend quite a bit of time on the bikes.. Especially this vacation, it’s been AWESOME..

We where luck today to have Momma behind the camera today, and even Poppy, and Nanny watching us in the Pit at Jumpers Brook today.

Jake, and I where really working on getting Air today.  He would do something, and then I would follow directly after..




Ok, why do I feel like 10 again..   This has been just so much fun.  Jake, and I have been having a blast, as we are lucky today Gertie is with us..

We where finding different routes, and lines through the pit, and Jake was SOOO Happy…

He still has the best eyes in his turns..  A great trait that I hope follows him as he continues riding…




And then it was at this point we found this?


We didn’t go near them.

Poppy, and nanny were surprisingly amused by our FUN..



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