Day 7 Travels–Dirtbiking in Gambo… Always wanted to do it, and it was surprisingly easy to get Jake excited. :-)

Ok, so, after two great rides in the Juniper Lake, Cupids, and surrounding area’s, it was time to have some fun at a PIT that I’ve always wanted to ride… Just outside of the Gambo area, heading towards St. John’s.  Dan and Dave (Honda Gander) mentioned the name of it, but I Can’t seem to remember it now…  Anyway, time to unload for a quick ride..

DSC09525DSC09528DSC09530  Notice the Shorts..  Oops..

Ok, it was going to be a short ride, and I’m sure Momma gave us permission to not wear our riding pants, but what the hey…   It’s only sand right?

Jake, and I partaked in some great riding, doughnuts, jumps, hill climbs, all Good…


Remember the comment about riding pants, well, Jake’s been working hard at his doughnut skills, not bad for a 7 year old, I suppose.. Smile

Anway, one got away from him, and I’ve heard about it ever since…

DSC09601DSC09602DSC09603  oops, that’s going to leave a Mark Smile


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