Vacation Day 2–Ferry was LATE!!

Well, supposed to get on the ferry around 12:30 or so, but eventually hit the Vision bunk pillows at around oh,  3:00  ARG……

That’s Ok, it’s just the start of the vacation, and we were looking forward to getting to Madonna’s for Breakfast.  And boy she didn’t disappoint.  It was awesome.


We will see you in a week or so, as we head back, and a nice stay…

Pulled into Bishop’s falls, for an overnighter..  Got to meet some family members who were in town for my Uncle Everett’s service.  Rest in Peace Uncle Everett.  You will be missed.

Aunt Joan, Aunt Good, Brian, Denise, and got a visit from my good friend Scott Simms..  Most excellent.


It was fun to watch Scott, and Jake together, and Aunt Joan talking Politics with Scott.  Now that was funny.


It sure was nice to meet Brian, and get a chance to talk to him.  Great conversation, and Gertie really enjoyed speaking with Brian.

Jake and I got a chance to get a quick Ride on the Dirtbikes, No real action pictures, but it was sure fun to get them out and riding in Newfoundland.


More to come from the Pits of Bishop’s Falls.. Smile


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