Back at the Park again.. This time the Commons…

Well, it was a beautiful Sunday morning, and we haven’t visited the Commons in a while.  Unfortunately Cousin Alex, was out partying, thus we did send him a text… But we were on our way!!

We did have a few errands to run in Bayers Lake, thus we had to make sure we were back in time..

Some pictures from the Epic Day at the Park.


Jake was riding everything we had at the park, but there were a few Epic Moments…  The BIG DEATH DROP From 5 feet… Yikes..


For some reason, mom didn’t like this, and thought I was NUTS…  He did tweak his wrist a little, but did it a 2nd Time, just for Fun.

Then, back to the BMX Bike, jake was looking for lines around the park, and then dropped into the middle bowl.


Over the last couple of days, hitting the skateparks, jake has gravitated back to his skateboard.  Typically he’s been focusing on the Scooter, and BMX bike…  But, here’s some shots of jake doing 180’s, and drops from some box’s.


Finally, it’s back to the Scooter…  He was definitely turning some heads, with the Quebec Scooters Custom, built by Lloyd.  It’s truly a phenomenal Scooter.


And finally, something he’s been working on real hard, is the tailwhip….  It’s coming, and he’s semi-landed it once.


Jake just reminded me that he did a Footplant to Tailwhip, and landed it…

Then Alex arrived with his Haro BMX..  Great Bike….    Some pictures of Alex attempting a 360, and riding the Big Bowl.  Not bad for his third time on the Bike.



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